Will you be able to use Instagram stories to enhance your business profits?

By: Harris

Perhaps the most significant aspect of Instagram is its most basic quality: simplicity. It is quite simply a platform on social media that allows people to share photos and also videos. This is the most fundamental quality of Instagram. It is this basic design which has led to so many people to think that Instagram is most suitable for sharing the holiday photos or pictures of their dinners. However, Instagram also has a lot of potentials to get used for various business purposes. It will offer a platform where a lot of business enterprises and good brands will be able to connect with their followers and the users in order to increase their profits. Instagram will allow a business owner to get more organic traffic on his website and that will lead to more conversions. Instagram has a lot of features which has made it so suitable for business, and Instagram Stories is an important feature in this regard. This article will help you to learn how you will be able to use Instagram stories for boosting your sales and profits.


Understanding how to use Instagram

Instagram is quite easy to use and to understand. You will not require a lot of knowledge about social media applications in order to be learning how you can use Instagram as the basic user interface in Instagram is quite minimalistic. You will be able to use this simple quality of Instagram in order to be putting out your posts in a more direct manner and then try and catch the audience’s interest with more content which is direct in nature.


Instagram is free

Business owners will typically have to be spending an enormous amount of money if they want to get the right tools and the resources which are vital for growing and developing your business. Instagram will be allowing you to do all of these for no extra cost. All you will need to do is to download and then install this app. You are not required to spend any more money when you want to create an official business profile.


Understanding Instagram Stories

The followers and the customers whom you have on Instagram will all like to be getting instant gratification and easy information. Instagram stories will be absolutely perfect for this purpose. Instagram stories will be letting you post photos on your own Instagram profile which are able to be seen for about only a day or 24 hours, and after this, your post will have disappeared. The central idea that these stories depend on is that they are quite easily shareable and because they will be only visible for about 24 hours hence people will also be feeling a certain sense of immediacy, and they would want to view your story quickly. Instagram stories will help you to be boosting your business when you are able to use these properly.

You should be trying to use a smart method to use the Instagram stories. You can just upload certain videos about the daily every day normal events and the activities from your business on a regular basis. You should remember to be purring up some informative captions in order to be describing what is going on with your business to the followers you have. You can try and post videos also about how your manufacturing works get done and how your products get created or how you do your quality control tests. Also, you can post some interviews about your workers. There are a number of different options here. However, your main goal should be in attracting the attention of your audience.


Certain special offers or discounts

You can use Instagram stories to be broadcasting information about a number of special and limited time discounts and the special offers that you have to all your followers. You should be publicizing your discounts and make an image which is beautiful and is able to grab the attention of people. You can upload shorter promotional videos also. You must try and make your audience understand that your offer will be there only for 24 hours. This will generate in them a feeling of urgency, and they will like to share your post with more people quickly.


Celebrate the special achievements of your business

In the event that your business achieves anything special like an award or perhaps crosses a significant milestone then you should be able to share this good news with the customers that you have. This will be easily done when you upload a photo or perhaps a video in your story on Instagram. This will allow you to provide a lot of personality to the business you run and then go on to also generate more interests in your customers.


Making stories on Instagram

You will have to be clicking first on the “+” sign that is at the top corner on the left-hand side of your feed on Instagram. After this, you should touch the circle sign and take a picture from your, or you can also take a small video. Then you can consider adding some filters to your posts also. Instagram will give you a huge selection of filters to choose from.  You can choose to customize your settings and choose who is able to view your stories also. The stories which you share on Instagram will be able to be viewed by hundreds and millions of people from all over the world, and hence you should remember that you have to choose these posts with caution.

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Wrapping things up

Instagram is the best social media platform available today. It is simple, handy, and convenientand will not take too much space on your smartphone.  Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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