Wikigains Shows New Ways to Promote Coupons Through Mobile Phones

By: SamanthaS1

Using coupons to promote your business is one thing, and finding an effective distribution channel is another thing altogether. According to Wikigains, many business owners admit that finding the right distribution method is sometimes a challenge. But mobile coupons, often delivered through mobile phones, are usually easy to distribute, and most of the time many customers are reached.

Mobile coupons can be distributed via SMS, Bluetooth, MMS, or any other mobile means. The customer can redeem the coupon online or at the store. Let’s dive deeper into the use of mobile coupons.

Different Deals Offered By Mobile Coupons

There is a wide range of mobile coupon deals that can attract customers to your business. Here is a list of some:

Free deals


 Multiple-purchase deals. To get the deal, the customer has to purchase more than one of a particular product.

Buy-one-get-one-free deals

Time-release. To encourage repeat business, a business owner distributes offers with different dates of expiration together.

Crossruff. When the customer buys a product, they get a coupon for another one. The products are often related.

Self-destruct. The coupons are printed such that they overlap. The consumer then chooses one offer or another.

Universal coupon. A manufacturer may choose to distribute a high-value coupon product on several goods within their product lines.

Personalized or Sweepstakes-entry. The coupons offered can only be redeemed at specific locations, for instance, at a particular chain of stores.

These are just a few types of mobile coupon deals you can offer your customers. Of course, to beat your competition, you might want to come up with unique ways of offering the deals.

Wikigains provides 3 effective ways to create mobile friendly coupon,  Wikigains coupon specialists promote 3 different coupon formats:

1. Text-only coupons

This shouldn’t be difficult; basically, it only involves typing and sending text messages (your coupons). You can use an SMS (Short Message Service) provider or an email marketing services provider. This method can be very effective since all phones have email and text capabilities. Besides, you can also include instructions, short links and coupon codes in the text.

2. Image coupons

With the help of some graphic design software or a scanner, you can create image coupons. For mobile devices, use .gif or .jpg file styles. Image coupons can easily be displayed on most mobile phones, and you may include them in your e-mails, MMS or even your social media and blog posts. However, they may be too small to be read on some small screens (that’s in case a customer doesn’t have a smartphone) and the links on images are usually not clickable.

3. App-based and web-based coupons

Create coupons on HTML and put them on mobile web pages, your blog or website. Better still, use Yelp, Foursquare.COM or Google Places to create mobile-friendly app-based or web-based coupons. You can include links to these coupons, but remember to correctly optimize the web pages on which the coupons are posted; otherwise, they may not be properly displayed on most mobile devices.

Coupon experts at believe that this information can help you offer your discount-deserving consumers a good deal with a mobile coupon and develop a lasting customer relationship.


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