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Why Website Monitoring Is Essential for your Online Business

By: Elanora Brown

With the influx of online business, the website has turned out to be the essential part of your business. From giving a boost to your brand’s trustworthiness to getting your products in front of prospects, your website is the first part of your business customers see. But do you know the website performance if weighty?  Most of your customers expect less than 2 second load time for your website. When they’re fully satisfied with the speed of your site, they are more likely to register or purchase your products and services.

There’re many essential data about your site that you might not know. Things like the amount of time the site is offline or load speed become poor, how customers interact with your site. That’s where website monitoring tools come in handy. These tools enable you to monitor your website regularly so that you can access all critical data whenever required.


What Is Website Monitoring?

It is the process to check the availability, functional and importance of web page or web application. It makes you sure that your services or products are always available online and your target audience doesn’t suffer unexpected downtimes.


Why Is It Important?

One of the most critical issues with an online business is the speed with which websites and web applications perform. Online shoppers are very much aware of the problem of poor website speed, irrespective of their location.

6-39 % of customers will leave your page if the load time of your web page is more than 3 seconds.

The survey conducted on 1500 online customers:

  • They remained satisfied even with a two-second slowdown website.
  • 71% of people surveyed feel regularly inconvenienced by slow websites.

Given that monitoring your website using a comprehensive website monitoring tool is of paramount importance.

The methods for monitoring your website performance are usually divided into two categories:

1. Internal Monitoring

2. External Monitoring


Internal Monitoring

You can use internal monitoring in your local network when the resource you need to monitor is not available from the global network. For this, downloading and installing Smart Agent for Linux or Windows, as well as adding Server/Device is significant.


External Monitoring

This enables you to monitor all your web resource parameters. However, before going for the external monitoring option, define what criteria you need to monitor.

  • API monitoring
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Average Web page load time
  • Web page availability or uptime rate
  • Web page functionality
  • Web page and scenario stress resistance

External monitoring includes several things, which is possible to monitor externally along with the performance of your local devices such as server CPU, network, drive and memory utilization, bandwidth consumed by your network interfaces, different system processes, and status of services running on your server or your system events.


Uptime Monitoring

This includes regularly checking response time and availability of your site from many different locations, which is a must for every type and size of online business.

If your website goes offline due to any reasons of which you are not aware, it means your business is not available on the internet. In that case, your customers become dissatisfied and unhappy. Importantly, you should be the first person to get a notification about your website downtime to take action as soon as possible. You can find many site monitoring tools and resources online that can help in uptime monitoring.

Here are the top reasons why website monitoring is not your desire but a necessity.


Know Your Site’s Stability

Have you ever thought why your site ranking and traffic was low? Most probably, it might be due to website performance. By monitoring the site regularly, you can know when your site goes down, and detect the possible solutions to make the site stable.


Time Saving and Peace of mind

No other way is available to check your website as many times as a monitoring service can. With web monitoring, you can get more effective and more frequent monitoring than you could ever do yourself.



By monitoring website, you prevent any downtime; you can know when your site goes down. So you can find solutions in advance and avoid any downtime.


Website Speed

One of the significant reasons to monitor your website is being sure of your website speed. You will get an update on how fast your site is running.


Produces Valuable Data

When you keep an eye your site, you can generate a ton of valuable data. You can get correct stats about your site’s loading speed and uptime status from your hosting company.


Wrapping Up

Your site is the first platform for your business. So, constant care and monitoring to stay out of the curve is essential. Look for reliable and favorite website monitoring tool online to get the things done easily and conveniently. Adopting this technique is the most significant step to encourage potential customers to stay on your website to purchase your products.


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