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Why SSL Certificate Is So Important For Your Website?

By: Sunder Singh

Secure socket layer or SSL may sound familiar to many of you, but it doesn’t mean you are well aware of what exactly it is. Almost all large and popular websites already have SSL. Let us get to know what is SSL and why your website needs it.

SSL is a standard technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser. An SSL ensures that the connection between the two is secured and the data shared between them is private and intrinsic.

An SSL certificate is something every website should have, especially when Google announced that going https will give a minor ranking boost. When a website attains an SSL certificate and installs it properly in the server, a small green padlock icon appears on the left of the website URL in the browser, and https appear green. SSL certificate plays a major role in security data transfers, credit card transactions, keeping logins and personal information secured. It gives a peace of mind to customers and makes visitors more likely to stay and use the website for a longer time.

How SSL protects your data?

SSL certification creates an encrypted connection between a user’s web browser and web server. It means that any data transmitted between the two cannot be read without being decrypted. It protects the data from being spied on as the encrypted data can’t be understood.

How SSl works

Here are top reasons for which a website must have an SSL certificate.

Encrypts sensitive information

SSL is used to encrypt the sensitive information so that only intended recipient can understand it. It is important as any information shared on the internet passes through sever computers to reach the destination server. In all these, a system in between can see this information, like credit card numbers, username and passwords are it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. With SSL certificate, the information becomes unreadable except for the server which needs to receive the data. It protects it from potential hackers.


An SSL certificate provides authentication to your website. It means a user is visiting your website stay sure that they are sending information to the right server instead of an imposter looking for stealing your information. The nature of the internet is such that users often send information through different computers. In such case, a fraud website may pretend to be your website and trick the users to send personal information.

A trusted SSL provider issues an SSL certificate only to verified companies who have gone through multiple identity checks. Some SSL certificates need more validation than others. In any case, it creates trust between the visitors and your website.

If you have a website, especially an e-commerce one, there is no if or but in attaining an SSL certificate. It not only helps to keep your customer’s personal and sensitive information safe, but also ease their mind. In addition, it gives authentication to your website which is important to keep you ahead of your competitors.

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