Why Screw-less Connectors are Better than Screw Type?

By: snehal

If you carefully examine a household electrical wall switch, you can notice there are screw terminals on the side of the device along with a series of slots or holes in the back of the body. There will be push-in wire connections, designed in a way that you can make wire connections by merely inserting the bare end of the wire into the opening where a spring clamp holds it correctly. It is so much easier to make a wired connection rather than bending the wire into a loop and securing it around the screw terminal. However, you may be surprised to know that many professional electricians have never used these push-in connectors without any valid reason.

Screwless connectors are a great innovation and mostly built with cage clamp technique which is unique. Clamping mechanism has been designed to connect solid or stranded wire automatically. They are available in various sizes to accommodate different wire sizes. No special wire preparation, like crimps, tinning is required to make a connection.

Screwless connectors are better than screw type on many fronts. You may be surprised to know that the screwless technique has proven record of reduction in wiring time by 75% compared to manual wiring with screw-type terminals with cage clamp terminals. Even when powered screwdrivers are used for tightening the clamping screws, there are time-saving advantages with cage clamp.

In addition, screw connections are ‘operator-dependent.’ It means that they require judgment for the installer to the tightness of the screw. This can be controlled with a trained person with special torque screwdrivers, but when it comes to field wiring, it is difficult to ensure secured screw connections. Screwless or cage clamp technique has an automatic clamping feature which enables us to make quality connections in confined skilled labor. The best part is screwless connectors is that they require no special tools and can be operated with a standard straight bladed screwdriver.

Another benefit of screwless connectors is that they are computer designed for improved reliability. High-quality connections ensure state-of-the-art quality control with high standards. They offer fast, easy and reliable connections and distribution of conductors in electrical housing application. Easy to use structure allows high flexibility in application depending on the number of wire conductors and space. Being compact in size, screwless connectors fit perfectly in tight spaces and can be used in all types of junction boxes, be it on-wall or flush mounted.

Moreover, screwless connectors allow easy processing and support installers even it difficult conditions, like overhead work. They are often provided with different color codes to offer a convenient identification of different wire connectors.

In a nutshell, we have more than sufficient reasons to use screwless connectors.


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