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Why Is Cloud Hosting Gaining Popularity?

By: Sunder Singh

More and firms are moving their website to the cloud. But what is driving this change? Last year, many companies decided to move to the cloud hosting in India because they wanted high availability. Leading websites are ( is on cloud hosted. And the results are obvious! Did you ever see Google not bringing desired results? Have you ever faced a downtime with Google?

You move to cloud because

  • You need better and reliable hosting
  • You want to render a better hosting environment to cater to growing business needs
  • And you felt that traditional hosting will not be able to support your business cause anymore.

Now let’s find out what benefits cloud hosting offers:


 Server Uptime Was a Concern

You were worried that your business might get affected if there is a significant downtime. With cloud hosting, you are assured of a guaranteed uptime and that too without single point of failure.

But Not With Cloud Hosting:

It is a system of interconnected servers, and if at any given point in time a particular server is unable to take the request, then other servers are there to take on the workload without even making you aware of it. So as opposed to traditional hosting, cloud hosting has no downtime.


 Instantaneous Scalability

You could never imagine traditional hosting to be scalable. But quite the opposite to it, you can go for more computing resources in no time. So you pay for what you use and go for additional resources just when you feel that there will be a spike in traffic. So cloud hosting offers:

  • Pay as you go model unavailable earlier.


 Minimal Security Worries

Shared hosting isn’t that secure by its very design. And dedicated hosting costs a lot!  That’s where cloud hosting offers a different approach in which data is secure at various levels of network, data, application and physical security. In cloud hosting, you have identity management, proper data isolation.


 No Effect of Server Location

Traditional hosting servers are confined to a fixed place, so you had to be specific while choosing the server as the location plays a great role in the loading speed of the website. In case of cloud hosting the servers are present across the world. You can access these servers from just anywhere across the world and from any device whether it’s a PC or mobile.


 Disaster Proof

With traditional hosting disasters is a major concern, but cloud hosting tackles the hosting in a better way. In cloud hosting the data is automatically backed in inter-connected servers. But same is not available with traditional hosting in which you have to make arrangements for data back-up.


 Latest & Environment-Friendly

As cloud servers are utilized to full capacity, it minimizes the idle time and saves a lot of energy and the environment.


In The End

A site that is hosted in cloud environment performs better than traditional server set-up. So with the best cloud hosting in India, you can get better loading speed, flexibility & immediate resource allocation and other benefits.


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