Right Domain Name and Hosting Service

Why Finding the Right Domain Name and Hosting Service is Crucial?

By: Brook Sevelyn

How important is domain registration as well as hosting to your website? As I have considered into the formation of websites, both for myself or for a commercial, it has to turn out to be crystal clear that one of the most significant steps in the procedure is the domain registration as well as hosting. We are always showed to take things as a single step at a time, and without those necessary two measures in the procedure, your website would be peripheral at best.

Good domain registration and hosting can make a hole into your pocket, nonetheless, it will be worth it. When you go to an open domain or hosting service, you usually don’t end up with your domain name. The notion is to have the discourse of your website in the format of yourname.com or yourcompanyname.com instead of one that is universal to a free domain registering as well as hosting service.

Selecting a Domain Name

The essential step in domain registration and hosting is to select a domain name. Your domain name is that network address that you need. The registration should not cost you a fortune. Simply get online and check out the number of services to find the price you can have the funds for to get the domain name you require, as long as it is obtainable. Summon up, the choice of what domain name to go to your website is one of the most significant things you are going to do it.

In the domain registration and hosting course, select a domain name that is not merely descriptive of your website, but also stress-free for people or clienteles to remember. Try to pick a domain name that is going even to be functional as a keyword so that it would show up higher in internet searches.

How Domain Name Impact Search Engine Rankings?

A domain name is your website unique identity on the internet. This is simply like the address of your website on the cyberspace. Having a perfect domain name for your site helps you getting the maximum number of views on the internet. The registration of web domain gives you a sense of ownership that is most desired by the business owners. Discussing here many other factors related the importance of domain name in the web promotion & online marketing.

search engine ranking and domain name

#1. Relation of Web Domain with Google Ranking

Yes, it’s true that a domain name impact your SEO and social media marketing. So, choosing your domain name will be much more important for Search Engine Optimization and Social media marketing, let’s see how this factor influences the Google Ranking.


#2. It’s Better Not to Use Stuffed Keywords – Know Why?

From over many years web marketers purchased domain names which contain their targeted keywords to gain very higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But, the use of stuffed keywords led to more confusion as they’re completely meaningless, and stuffed to attract customers’ only. This technique is totally rejected by the Google, as per new algorithms you need to choose a domain name with meaningful keywords or keywords relevant to your brand.


#3. Examples of Stuffed & Branded Keywords in a Domain

For instance, www.books.com seems no relevant to the users, and even Google will not able to rank higher, because it doesn’t state anything clear. Whereas, if you go for www.novels-publishers.uk or www.xyznovels.com, then it make more sense to the users, and this will also help a website to rank better in all the search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing.


#4. Make your Keywords More Creative, Unique & Innovative

You also need to be creative while choosing a domain name ahead of the extension. Here, you can also take help from your domain provider that will help you in finding a unique, innovative, fairly short and readable domain. Remember if your domain is easy to memorize, that’s the additional bonus. The experts of web industry suggest experimenting with different domain combinations, so that you can choose the perfect one.


#5. Pay Attention to Domain Extension

Try not to select the domain with the quirky spellings, and unnecessary multiple letters, etc. Getting a domain name with .com extension is the best one, but yes there are many other options – .org, .net, .EU (Europe), .agency, .biz, .edu, and so many others.

Once you’ve settled on a domain name, you’ll need to be sure your email address use. That way you’re marketing every time you send an email message.


Finding Right Web Hosting Provider Host

Once you have the domain name itemized, the subsequent step in the domain registration as well as hosting process is to discover somebody who could host your website. A hosting service would place your web page on the internet for you at the web address you have registered. It is a conventional practice to use two different companies: one for your hosting and one for your domain registering. In that way, if you part business with your website hosting establishment, you will still have reasonable control of your domain name. It is simply superior not to have all of your eggs in a single basket when it comes to your individual website.

This post further explains 5 mistakes to avoid for selecting an ideal Web hosting company.

best web hosting provider

5 Key Mistakes to Avoid for Choosing an Ideal Web Host Provider

Web hosting industry can be overwhelming for various SMBs due to the availability of too many choices. However, the mistake that many companies do is they spend the least part of their income on web hosting because they see it just as a formality. They are wrong! Choosing an ideal web hosting is crucial for hosting a website properly because it has a direct impact on the bottom-line.

Many organizations realize when their website goes down without warning or explanation. Further, they realize the significance of choosing an ideal web hosting provider when due to lack of security mechanism, hosting companies get failed to secure their websites.


#1. Ignoring Reviews

Reading reviews helps a lot. It can work as an eye opener for those who often neglect everything over low prices. No doubt low prices are tempting but make sure at least you got what you paid. For this, you have to read reviews before buying hosting for your website.


#2. Overlooking Restrictions

As the industry has become a big fish, there is no shortage of companies that play trick with the user’s mind. They post “unlimited” in big bold letters. However, when you dig deeper, you realize what it really means. So, it is important to ask to get a clear idea on how much bandwidth and space you can use before choosing a hosting plan. Just do not go with the “unlimited” tag.


#3. Giving Preference to Host that Offers Free Space


First of all, there is nothing like “free” exists. If it is, you are not a customer; you are a product. Organizations forget that even hosting companies that offer “free hosting” have to make a living. So, whenever you see someone offering free space, it means they can use your website for placing ads to generate revenues. Another important thing is in shared hosting; you compete for resources with other websites that are paying for the same service. However, if we talk about a free hosting plan, you compete with anyone who wishes to sign up to get benefits of free services.


#4. Ignoring Experience

Now, this is one is important. Always prefer to go with the hosting company that has adequate experience. It ensures you will get quality services based on strict SLAs which are critical for your business. So, never ignore experience when hosting a website.


#5. Not Checking Customer Service

Before signing up for a Web hosting plan, it is important to check their customer service to the best of your ability. See how much time they are taking to answer your questions. It will give you an idea about how promptly they will get in touch with you if you contact them in an emergency.



You can follow the tips as specified above to ensure you register a right domain name and avoid mistakes before selecting a web hosting company.


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