Where to Create a Free Logo for Your Website

By: hellosophia123

Using a well-assembled logo is essential for creating and securing a brand around your project, which in the long run can help you attract new visitors/customers and empower your business.

Of course the ideal way would be to hire a professional to develop a professional logo according to the characteristics of your website or your business, but we know that this is not always feasible for financial reasons, because a well-assembled logo can go out for thousand dolloars.

But there are other solutions that can come out cheaper or even free, with which a logo can be created as good as those designed by professionals. Let’s look at some of the following options.

1) DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

This is really a powerful and easy to use tool for logo creation, and it has different versions for many languages.

It comes with thousands of free, ready-to-use templates that can be edited. Each element is scalable and editable. With a few mouse clicks, you can change colors, fonts, styles, glows, shadows, and layouts to your liking. Then the logo can be downloaded in PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG format, which allows for magnification without loss of quality.

In the free version, you can download small size logo that can be perfectly placed on your website, social media headers, E-books or any other pieces.

There are paid versions to purchase extra benefits such as high-resolution logos up to 5000 x 5000 px, which is perfect for printing.

2) Logo Genie

I have to say that the LogoGenie is one of the most intuitive and fast logo tool. You enter your company name on the homepage and you are on the way to create a logo for your company. Their graphic designers have designed a wide range of logos for you to choose from.

You choose a logo template that you would like to customize and then add your personal touch to it. LogoGenie let you experiment with different icons, fonts, and colors. With it, creating logos doesn’t get any easier than this!

They allow you to download your logo into four different file formats, and they have a blog that offers free advice and tips for small businesses. The starter packs are quite expensive, but it might be worth it if you’re really stuck and need a logo.

3) Logotype Maker

Logotype Maker is a service that allows you to create effortless and stunning logos both online and offline.

To generate the logo, you only have to enter the text that you want to appear in the logo so that the tool offers dozens of different options that you can choose. By clicking on the “Generate More Logos” button, it generates a new set of logos.

You can select and edit any logo after logging in. The text can be edited with a new typography by changing colors, fonts, shadows and more. The good thing is that you can upload your own image to use. To download your logo file for printing, social networks, email signatures and websites, you eed to buy a premium package.

If you still do not want or can not develop your logo yourself, there is always the option of hiring a company that works with the development of logos.


The brand of your website or your business is something that you should worry about right from the start, since a good image can make your project much more attractive and competitive. As quoted in the article, there are many free and paid options that you can use to develop your logo. Choose the one that best fits your project or budget and get to work.

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