WHOIS Lookup

What’s WHOIS Lookup and How It Helps in Your Business Success

By: Sunder Singh

No matter you’re an online entrepreneur, writer, webmaster, etc. one common question is whether or not you are anonymous on the web. Millions of domain names are purchased online with fake details. While some businesses and individuals have one website, others might have more. Is there a way for us to know who the owners are? Or isn’t there any solution to uncover them? Yes, there is. And it’s quite simple. Keeping reading know how you can identify the details of website’s owner.

WHOIS lookup

WHOIS is an innovative tool, designed to enable people to check out registration of any domain. It’s a method you can use to check on the owner of a particular site. By using this tool, you can easily come to know about the registration of any domain on the internet. Just search ‘whois’ on the search engine and you’ll be surprised to come across plenty of sites that all do it. Though, all may not be reliable and secure. With the help of this technology, you are able to know new personal details like name, address, email address, contact numbers.

Other Side of the Story

It’s interesting to know that finding one’s details online is quite simple. But doesn’t it sound uncomfortable and wired to know that your information can be exposed so easily? In order to disallow people to know the details, many users use the information from the registrar as the replacement for their own during the domain registration process.

This is how you can be able to hide your information from someone who does a WHOIS lookup on you. The information you get may not be correct. It can be that of registrars. So the searchers can easily fail to track your information and know the real owner of a particular domain.

Benefits of WHOIS Lookup

In connection with accredited registrants, the WHOIS system is very important for operating the Domain Name Service (DNS). It guarantees the stability and integrity of this system. These days, WHOIS lookup has become a legitimate procedure for many start-ups. It helps you in the following ways:

  • Resolving Business Networking Issues
  • Resolving Privacy and Security Issues
  • Maintaining Domain Name Uniqueness
  • Resolving Domain Name Registration Issues
  • Resolving Administrative Issues
  • Tracking All Legal Activities

One of the very important features of WHOIS lookup is that, with its help, you can track spam, phishing scams, and fraud. In case you seem to see any illegal content being posted by the registrant, he or she can easily tracked down using the WHOIS verification feature. This is very important in such cases. Hope you have fully understood the WHOIS system.

Now coming to a conclusion, just the WHOIS tool allows you to control the parameters that may lead to succeed your business. It is a comprehensive way to monitor and take charge of your domain name access and the domain name information that lingers around you. Whenever you choose to use a WHOIS system, make sure you are choosing a reliable and popular service provider.


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