What are the 5 points about tradeshows and exhibitions you must know before you book your kiosk?

By: jlucy668

Trade shows are various platforms that can boost the reach of any brand. That is a statement we have heard ad nauseam from marketing experts, and our peers for a long time now. However, which companies benefit from these tradeshows? Does a tradeshow setup have to be expensive to be impressive? Are budget-conscious small and medium companies also able to participate in tradeshows? There are a few questions all business owners should be asking the experts as a response to the initial remark.

In case, you have already asked critical questions from experts and are still looking for the answers you need, here are some of the top secret exhibition and conference tips that will help you –

1. Choose the shows with caution

Not all kinds of exhibitions and expos are ideal for all businesses. If you own a business, you probably know that already! Each event has some form of significance to the entrepreneurs, and it is not necessary for your brand to participate in all expos in your locality. Working on a shoestring budget can be difficult if you do not implement a filtering process. Start by identifying your demographics. Find out which trade shows attract your target crowd and aim to book a booth in only those events. Most good events audit their footfall and that is how you can understand which ones you must target.

2. Work on your install branding

Branding efforts go a long way to establish the company identity. Aside from offering quality products and memorable customer service, you need to work towards boosting your brand visibility. It is a time for green advertisements and clean designs. Forego the physical banners, fabric signs, and printed adverts. They have short lifespans, and they often attract more maintenance cost than the digital options. Digital signage is the trending advertising and marketing option for all small businesses. Tradeshow signage options like exhibit truss displays, pop-ups displays, and digitally enhanced backgrounds can elevate your brand visibility. The plethora of display options enables enterprises to choose several signage setups within their budget.

3. Pay attention to your marketing material

Flyers, brochures, gift bags and presentation graphics are the very essence of any event. You must remember that when people go through an exhibition with maybe a hundred brands at least, they will hardly remember ten names that made an impression on them. It is essential for your marketing efforts to be superlative for your target group to take notice. Prospects should be able to remember your brand name, brand colors and logos even after they leave the space. The flyers and brochures serve the purpose of reminders that will increase your brand’s recall value. A simple banner stand can only go so far. Picking a digital display or a high-definition LED setup can help these people remember your kiosk, product, and brand for a considerably extended period.

4. Pay attention to your video signage

Digital displays are here to take over print and broadcast media. Print, television, and radio lack the technologically advanced filtering mechanism the digital displays have. Since the digital displays are flexible and mobile, you can carry them out to any location you wish. For example – several brands target the daily commuters and office-goers. You will often find their brand displays on train platforms, at bus stations, and outside the more prominent office buildings. You probably have already noticed a few famous brands, which rely on complete digital booths and pop-up kiosks inside mall premises or right outside their physical stores to increase their visibility. The added pop of color, new shapes, and video content make them hard to miss in almost every environment.

5. Be smart about your giveaways

You must ensure that the little memorabilia and gift bags the people receive from your stall are relatable to your brand. Sometimes, in an attempt to save a few bucks, brands choose cheaper gifts. However, that ends up costing them in the long run. While selecting items that are of marginally higher quality can increase the brand reputation as well as make a stronger impact. Just like better displays, they can work towards improving the recall value of any brand. Planning can help you personalize these gift items with your logo and brand colors. These small touches make a huge difference when it comes to smart marketing.

All trade conventions are not ideal for your brand and business. There are one or more important tradeshows for each brand across the world. If you do not have the budget to attend several back-to-back expos, you can consider saving up for the biggest one of this season that will attract a cumulative crowd of your target users. Strategic planning can turn your exhibition expense into a smart investment.



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