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Web Design Practices To Boost Your Conversion Rates

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Conversion rate goes hand in hand with a company’s growth. You may have the best marketing team, excellent SEO and a beautiful product, but if your web design is not up to the mark, it will impact your conversion rate.

So, if your website is also lagging behind in the conversions, or you want to increase your conversion rate, the things listed below might help you out.


Optimize the Website’s Speed

Nowadays, people usually don’t want to waste a single minute and want everything at the snap of their fingers. Same goes with web designing too. If the speed of your website doesn’t match the pace of users, you are lagging.

The speed of the website plays a significant role in the conversion rate. According to research, the delay of 1 second in the loading time of the website can affect up to 7% of conversions.

So, reduce the loading speed of your website and see your conversion rate increasing. Things like large images, too many plug-ins might be affecting your loading time.


Make The Website Responsive

A mobile-friendly website plays a huge role in the conversion rate. If you want to increase this rate, your site must be accessible across all devices. As majority of search is done through mobile phones, it could highly affect the conversion rate if your website design doesn’t consider mobile and tablet users.

So, use responsive templates or HTML5 and make sure your website is accessible from a smartphone, iPhone, tablet or desktop.


Color Matters

The color of the site also plays an important role in the conversion rate. Select the colors that are appealing to customers but also evokes the emotion your brand wants to convey.

So, choosing the color scheme should be done right as it can break or make your conversions. Also, you can use contrast to keep text and headlines or buttons readable and noticeable. The font and buttons should be in high contrast with the background.


Keep the Design Simple

The visitor can become a customer only if they have a great experience. A simple yet enticing website will keep the users on your site for a longer time, and they are more likely to make a purchase. So, keep your website design user-friendly and simple so that a user can navigate through the pages quickly.

Also, make sure you give something visually-appealing to your customers. So, design a website that is engaging and can hold user’s attention for more than a minute.


Web Design in Tampa


Use High-Quality Images

Using low-quality images on your website can really drag down the quality of the post. Images also play an important role in making or breaking the conversion rate.

So, use high-quality images and go for more personal images. When humans see a face, they feel more connected and understood. So, incorporate faces in your articles, blogs, and testimonials for a boost in your conversions.

Ending note: Here, we’ve tried to include some of the most important and creative tips that can help boost your conversion rate. Incorporate these tips in your website and see what works for your site the best. Also, if you want someone to create your website for you, you can seek help from Get The Clicks – web design in Tampa, FL.


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