Want to Light Up your Clothing? See How!

By: Sangeeta

Is LED clothing the future? No, wait! You can do that now. Want to sense the radiant pulses of light all over your body when wearing a fiber optic shirt? Well, in that case you are at the right place. A smart outfit or a well-tailored suit might make people take notice of you, but if you really wish to stand out from the crowd, putting on glowing fiber-optic clothing is hard to beat.

So, if you are inspired to make a glowing garment, take things one step further and become the light of the party. Here are few things to consider when you light up your clothing in order to get the real 21st century look:


#Get the required Supplies

Firstly, you will need a fiber-optic shirt light source in order to have a perfect fit for your dress. You will either need to make a dress or buy a new one that can be modified further, and also some extra cloth so as to create a pouch for the fiber-optic light source. Moreover, scissors, needle and thread will also be required.


#Now comes the Stitching

The first thing to do now is measuring your light source, and cut out a patch of the fabric which is large enough to sew a pocket for it. Stitch the fiber-optic light source into a pocket on your garment, ensuring that all the zips and hooks remain accessible. However, if you want to go for a great effect you can put the holder pocket on the back of your dress so that the fibers can be looped over the front.


#Cut according to the Fit

The fibers glow more towards the ends, so make sure that they are visible enough. Just decide where actually you want them, and then separate the fibers into as many bundles as you are willing to sew in that particular place.


#Customize Accordingly

Try yourself making your own dress, shirts or trousers that integrate fiber optics dresses. After managing the soldering iron over sewing needle, you can go ahead integrating electromagnetism wire into your clothing, or even make a light-up item that can respond sound and the light blinks in time to the corresponding music.

Apart from all these, you can spend few thousand dollars to get the sport outfits that can change color on a whim. The fabric can be anything like pants, shirts, dresses and if someone wishes to wear Google Glass, they can wear with fiber-optic dresses, shirt and pants. Luminous Fabric Products have been used by many celebrities or upcoming artists in famous shows including the NYC Met Gala and Black Eyed Peas in Super Bowl Half-Time Show. You can always prefer the decor products made of luminous fabric, as they are great choices for home d├ęcor, for decorating home theaters, hotels, restaurants & bars, retail outlets, showrooms, etc. Fiber optic products can also be used for accessorizing special events in order to make them magical, phenomenal, and unique.


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