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Want to Buy Your First E-Bike? Read this First!

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Having an e-bike comes with many benefits. You will be able to climb up-hills with better efficiency, better resistance, and a better range. If you are facing certain health conditions like knee pain, or asthma, it can breathe new life in your cycling. Your family members who were averse to joining you on the ride will be able to do when they are riding an e-bike.  Like any traditional bike, they offer cost-effective and many health benefits and you are better connected to the community as well. There are many electric bikes in the UK, how do you choose the best one based on your needs?


Where Are You Going To Ride The Bike?

The electric bikes are designed for a large set of audience, and they serve a different purpose. You need to decide how you are going to use the bike and start searching for a suitable one.  Many models are there; you need to figure out where you are going to ride the bike frequently. Are you buying the bike for cargo hauling, relaxed cruising, mountain biking, etc.? Even before you choose a bike, you should first find out why exactly you are buying the bike for and where you will ride it.


What Kind of Drive Does It Offer?

There are two main types of bikes:

  • Pedelec
  • Twist-n-go

In the first variant, the ‘Pedelec’ bike monitors the rider’s pedaling and adds a certain amount of motor assistance which is dependent on the rate, the force, and the speed as well. In most countries including the UK, the output of the motor is regulated and limited to 250W, and the maximum speed is set to 25km/hr. If you breach this speed, the motor will automatically switch-off.  In the second variant, there is a switch that is used by the rider to get the needed assistance from the motor.


Where Is The Motor Mounted?

The motor is mounted in two ways:

  • It is mounted on the wheels
  • The motor is mounted on the crank and the pedal area at the very bottom of the frame

The electric controls include a sensor which detects how hard are you pedaling, and then it measures the assistance accordingly. If you are more into mountain biking, then you should prefer crank-assisted bikes. Hub motors are quiet, but they don’t handle the hills well.


How Should Be The Battery?

You can easily find the Li-ion batteries, and you can easily find them powering the e-bikes. The expensive ones have batteries that are lighter, get charged quickly and have a longer life-span. The battery quality battery matters a lot. You need to ensure that the life of the battery is at least two years.  If you use the bike carefully, the life of bike will be even more.


In the End

Before buying the bike, you should pay attention to the costs of the different electric bikes in the UK and must take a test-ride before making the final payment.


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