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Why Video Content Marketing is an Excellent Strategy for your Business

By: robertjami

Frankly speaking, it’s all a game of communication. Suppose you’ve got something important to say, something substantial to contribute, and something which will turn the world around for the better. Plus, your well-being depends on it. The question is: how effectively can you engage the listeners? How well can you deliver your message to the audience? How ingeniously can you win them over?

This is mostly the sort of stuff which business people think about when they set up their new ventures in the feisty commercial ocean. They hope to attract people’s attention. They wish to sell their products by the dozens. And most important of all, they want to promote their brand using only the tried-and-tested successful strategies.

On that note, one of the best tactics which you can see modern businesses employing is that of video marketing. Why video, you might ask? Isn’t that slightly unconventional? The answer lies right in front of you. Look around and tell me if you don’t see people hooked on their smartphone screens, mindlessly scrolling and occasionally stopping to check out something fascinating.

What’s this attention grabber? Nine times out of ten, it is usually a video. People enjoy videos immensely. And this is what you should take advantage of if you want to stand out in their eyes and make your mark in the market. If you’re still not convinced, check out the following reasons why video content marketing is most appropriate for you and your budding business.

Engages Multiple Senses

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a tired middle-aged man. All day, you work as a clerk in a nearby office, doing exactly the same thing you have been doing for the past twenty years or so. Life is boring. The only diversion which spices up the dull day for you is seeing interesting videos online on your smartphone, using your Xfinity internet connection. Why? Because they enthrall you immensely, re-activating your sleepy senses. Their dynamic story-building technique is a treat for ears (in the form of music) and eyes (in the shape of animation and fascinating imagery). You’re more likely to click on a video than to read a long piece of text. So as a business runner, you need to learn from this consumer tendency and to strategize around it.

Convinces Better Than Text

Quick question: what’s more likely to get greater traffic? A well-crafted blog post about the greatness of pizza, with reasonable arguments backed by historical research? Or a short two-minute video with a jazzy background, a cheesy pizza, and a grandma telling a life-changing story about it? The video, obviously.

Though the blog post is a pretty good marketing tactic in its own right, it is usually not as effective as a video, which convinces consumers subtly by gripping their attention, instilling curiosity in them, and touching them emotionally by telling a relatable story. People love to hear other people’s stories, and in this verbal exchange through video, you have to sneak in your brand’s message cleverly. Videos are also beneficial as they lead the consumer smoothly through the conversion process, step by step, thereby driving sales rapidly.

Search Engine Friendly

Whenever people have a problem or are just plain curious, they type their queries into a search engine and are then presented with a series of links that will resolve those queries. As a business venture which hopes to gain popularity and to earn profits online, you need to have your name on the first page of Google so that people can see you and are directed towards your page, instead of your competitors’.

How can you do that? By embedding keywords in your website’s content, which can be of any kind, but the sort of content which search engines are increasingly preferring is video-based. So include as many instructional or entertaining videos into your strategy as you possibly can, if you want to be ranked higher and gain more exposure.

Builds on Authority Platforms

Where you post your content matters a lot. The placement needs to be highly tactful. Because if you release your amazing video, which took plenty of time, energy, and resources to make, on a mediocre platform, all that effort would be wasted.

So search for hardcore authority sites which get lots of traffic and lots of links. Think of something like YouTube, or social media channels, like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The best thing about these platforms is the shareability factor. Anyone who’s anyone watches videos, and if they like what they see, they give the content a thumbs up and spread the word by sharing it on their own channels. This way, the content is circulated and advertised on its own by people worldwide, and you don’t have to do much except care about consumer reaction. Posting on authority platforms gives your video content an edge, making it look good in the eyes of Google.

Monetizes from Ads

There is another way to advertise your brand through video online. You don’t have to make long videos if you lack the resources. You can go ahead and make fifty-second video ads, which are quick enough to catch the user off-guard, attractive enough to entice the consumers, and efficient enough to be featured on other brand’s videos. For instance, if you’re a baking business, you can release an ad showing your cakes from scrumptious angles. This way, when hungry users look at it, they’ll immediately want to have it. Sounds like a cool strategy, right?

Now, do you see, after going through the aforementioned reasons, why video content is the future of business marketing? It’s a treasure just waiting to be unlocked.



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