Top Five Wi-Fi Signal Extenders in 2018

By: nathinjohn

Wi-Fi runs in our veins these day, metaphorically speaking, of course! Our lives are highly dependent on internet for everything starting from work to pleasure. While some internet service providers like uverse internet offered by ATT bundles are very good and actually step up our lives some push us into the old-en age of dial-up speed. It is frustrating and sad to have spent money on something as useless as a slow internet. By the time a video stops buffering you’re already sleepy and out of that mood.

A Wi-Fi range extender can really help boost up your connectivity with the router, as well. You can just depend on a good internet service – thick walls and opaque objects etc create a turbulence for the routers you very much love connecting wireless devices to. What to do? This is where a Wi-Fi range extender comes into play.

What is it?

Also known as a range expander the Wi-Fi range extender is used to expand the horizons of a wireless LAN. It is located in the centre of a base router or access point. When you’re not close enough to the router or have barriers – this is the device you can depend on.

Since a Wi-Fi repeater/extender is used in order to increase the coverage area for your Wi-Fi network; it works by getting you existing internet signals from the device. It then amplifies and transmits the signals – all the while giving them a boost. It can almost double the coverage area of your device and make sure it reaches everywhere in both your home and office – be it a different floor or the yard outside.

Which one to choose?

You don’t have to pick the most expensive one to know it’s the best or would suit you perfectly. What you really do need to do is check for specs and features of the devices to know which one do you or your house or office requires. Price isn’t something you need to go after unless you want to buy something cheap – in that case, again, check the reviews and a device’s features.

Here are 5 best Wi-Fi signal extenders to help you choose the one that suits you best;



Price on Amazon: $39.99


The NETGEAR AC750 is a dual band WiFi with a range of almost up to 750 Mbps. It has a wifi protected security when it comes to accessing it in order to keep freeloaders away. It supports the new 802.11ac & b/g/n wifi devises mostly. It also has external antennas for high end performance. Its access point mode can create a hotspot all the while using a wired Ethernet connection, pretty dope, huh? This device can work with any Wifi router and uses the fast lane technology.


Rock Space

Price on Amazon: Was $59.99 Is $22.99


Now this, space babe, comes with a warranty of up to a year which is oh-so-awesome! It is compatible with almost all routers available in the market as well. It’s a win-win situation! The device maintains a stability in signals and doesn’t give fluctuating speeds leaving you frustrated. The coolest thing about it is that it only takes 8 seconds for set up – how fast & easy is that? The company claims that you won’t have any dead zones in your house with this device. Since the device isn’t very big it is more apt for homes and not offices, however.


NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

Price on Amazon: Was $129.99 Is $119.19


The NETGEAR protocol says turn your dead zones into fun zones and that pretty much gives it away. They work day in and day out to provide for a customer with every scale financially. Using the fast lane technology at 802.11 ac this extreme dual band with a speed of up to 1.9 gigabit device is the thing you need. It also has 5 dBi external antennas with a high gain for better reception and connection. It also has a dual core 1GHz core processor in order to provide maximum WiFi performance. Oh and it’s the best seller on NETGEAR website.



Price on Amazon: $21.83


Something worth mentioning here is that this is the best seller on amazon. It has a wifi band of 2.4 GHz and its speed can extend up to 300 Mbps. It comes with a convenient wall plug design and functions at 802.11 b/g/n. This device can work with any standard router as well as a gateway. It also offers a fast Ethernet port in order to connect with a wired device.



Price on Amazon: $32.99


This device by MSRM – NYC can create a wireless network field in an area with scarce or literally no wireless coverage (or so it claims). It is quite easy and quick to set up. The signals provided by this device are of directional longer range and high speed that is applicable to any standard indoor router universally.


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