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Top Features to Remember While Developing Your E-commerce Mobile App

By: Harris

The internet has enabled businesses to straddle the globe for customers, suppliers, partners, and resources of every kind. However, it is still a fact that finding e-commerce success is not easy. With mobile usage outstripping desktops for accessing the net, businesses are finding it essential to have a mobile app in addition to the conventional e-commerce website. Some must-have mobile app features:

Intuitive Design

The key thing to remember is that mobile users tend to be notoriously impatient as far as their app usage is concerned. In just five seconds or so, they make up their minds whether to download, install, and use an app. Even when they open up an app, they expect a design that’s completely intuitive because, in the typical multitasking mode, mobile users don’t have the time or the inclination to read and understand instructions on how to use the app for making purchases. The interface of the app has to be extremely clean with all vital features easily accessible so that the customer will find it simple and convenient to use.According to the marketing head of a leading mobile app development company in Mumbai, apps that try to impress with complicated designs do not normally succeed.


For an e-commerce app to be successful, the security of information is of paramount importance. Customers have to be absolutely confident that their personal and financial information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, bank account and credit card details, etc. are absolutely secure and there is no chance of the data being hacked and used by the hackers. Ensure that the data transmission to payment gateways are completely secure and only use plug-ins from sources that have been authenticated. Never store any customer data that may be hacked.

Use Top Quality Images

Since human brains can process visual information far faster than text, it makes more sense for you to communicate the brand and product attributes through images. The quality of the images can make or mar a purchase transaction, so never make the mistake of settling for images taken by amateurs or using stock images. Insist that all the images in your app are professionally shot and touched up in order to impress the customers to the maximum. Ensure that the look and feel of the shots are distinctive and their presentation standardized so that the overall appearance does not look messy.


Customers simply hate the registration process and many people never end up using the app simply because the process is too cumbersome. The signup process, as well as the login, can be made simpler with the use of social media integration, whereby the user uses his social media credentials to use the app. By integrating social media, you also increase the chances of happy users sharing their experience of using the app or your products with other users. You should also make the checkout process extremely simple and smooth. Make it easy for the customer to select all the options of buying and shipping so that he is encouraged to complete the transaction.


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