Top 7 Myths About Electric Bikes You Should Stop Believing Right Now

By: MarkTaylor

Due to their multiple valuable features, electric bikes are pretty popular. Easy to charge and provided with pedal assistance, they offer people an efficient and economical way to commute. Still, there are many undeserved myths associated with e-bikes.

Here are some popular myths about e-bikes.

E-bikes are for lazy people

lazy woman

Electrical bikes are designed to be assisted with pedal. It doesn’t mean that rider doesn’t have to do anything. Though less effort is required, most of the riders switch to electric bikes to cover greater distances, making more use of them. E-bikes, without pedal assistance function like a regular bike. Depending on your use and how you are feeling a day, you can take or leave the extra assistance.

They are too expensive


Electric bikes do come with a pricey tag. It doesn’t mean that they are too expensive. Electric bike finance is like an investment, and most of the cost is due to technology to get the battery, motor, and software integrated into the bike. However, when you compare it your other monthly means of transportation, it lingers behind. In addition, an e-bike comes with multiple benefits which is worth a little extra price.

Besides, you can covert even your ordinary, standard bike into an electric one with the help of electric-bike conversion kit.

They are heavy

E-bikes are slightly heavier than standard bikes, and the biggest contributor to heavy mass is the personal mass of rider. The weight of an e-bike doesn’t come in between riding the bicycle and the rider. It is very similar to riding a traditional bicycle with loaded panniers.

I am going to exercise less


Many people think that as an e-bike is supported with a motor, it means less pedaling which directly converts to less exercise. But the fact is a bike expands your riding opportunities multifold. There are times when a rider direly needs assistance, for example, recovering from an injury, riding for long trails, uphill riding, getting on a bike after a long duration, not being intimidated by rough weather. In all these cases, a little assistance of motor makes it easier for a rider to enjoy the bike riding.

Besides, you can always switch off the electric assist when you want to ride it like a standard bicycle. In short, you ride and exercise more with an e-bike.

E-bike needs lots of maintenance


E-bikes require only basic maintenance, and there is not much upkeep involved than that of a regular bike. Electric components do not need maintenance, and good quality motors are guaranteed to function for several thousand miles without much upkeep. The most common problem with an e-bike is under-inflated tires. In addition, your e-bike will need brake and gear checks which will be carried out in regular servicing.

E-bikes technology is new and unstable

The electric bike market has boomed in the past few years. With this, electric bikes technology has become much more advanced than before. You can easily spot e-bike riders on streets. Often manufacturers offer a few years warranty of frame and electronics, so you don’t need to worry about the risks involved in purchasing an e-bike. It is advisable to visit a local e-bike shop and decide the best option for yourself.

They are dangerous

Cycle Accident

You might have heard about accidents occurred while an e-bike riding. However, e-bike can’t be blamed for causing an accident. They are involved in an accident like any other similar incidents, and it is hard to believe that e-bikes are more dangerous than biking or driving any other vehicle.

E-bikes are slightly different from a standard bicycle. It is true that you pay an extra price for them, but they are worth the benefits.


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