Top 5 Investment Plans to Earn 1 Crore

By: amankhanna

Every individual thinks of earning big amount, but their purpose may vary. Some may be willing to start their business in near future, whereas, others may be wanting to go for higher education. For all such needs, small savings are not enough and an investment in the right plan can give you higher returns to fulfill your needs.

If you wish to earn one crore in the coming years, then you must know the right way to invest your small saving. To get such a huge return, you should know about the various investment plan that can outlay such numbers. There are few investment plans can give you assured returns, but for that, you should also be prepared to take some risks.

Here are few investment plans that can fetch you a sum of 1 crore.

5 investment schemes to earn one crore

1. Mutual funds

Mutual funds investment can give you higher returns on your investments. By investing a small amount in a mutual fund, you can earn huge as they give you a bigger return. The best part of mutual fund investment is that they can be easily bought and sold in the market.

Mutual fund investments can benefit those individuals who are ready to take the risk and willing to get higher returns. The risk associated with mutual funds is due to the market fluctuations. The interest rate of a mutual fund is subject to change as per the market conditions. Thus, if there is an inflation in the market, you will earn lower interest rates and lesser will be the return on the investment.

Investing in a mutual fund will not only generate revenue but will also help you in managing your taxes. You must know that the earnings from mutual funds are non-taxable and you will get the full returns on your investment.

2. Investment in gold

Indian’s have always considered gold as the best mode of investment. Considering the current market situations, it can be said that investing in gold can be a profitable investment option. The increasing market rates of gold has made it a more valuable source of investment.

You can invest in gold in two ways, either by purchasing gold physically or by opting gold exchange-traded fund (ETF). Physically buying the gold has many disadvantages like theft, government restrictions, high prices, etc., whereas ETF investment is comparatively safe. ETFs are much like a mutual fund that only deals in gold.

Although the returns from gold investment are not as big as a stock investment, still there is very less risk involved in the gold investment.

3. Real estate investment

With the government initiative to develop the tier two cities and maintaining the life in metro cities, the real estate business is really heated these days. If you want to earn more, then investing in a real estate can be a profitable venture.

Purchase 2 or 3 flats in reputed localities and wait for the few years to see the increase in the prices. Grab the highest deal and sell the flats, this way you can earn higher with a small effort. If you wish to earn one crore, you should invest in real estate for a longer period.

4. Stocks and bonds investment

Investing in shares and bonds can double up your investment within few years. Investing in stock market is risky, but it can fetch you higher profits in a short span of time.

To invest in stocks, you need to have a strong understanding of the market, and you should be good in speculation. To minimize the risk, you can invest in different portfolios; this will save you from complete bankruptcy. A long-term investment made in the stock market can fetch you much higher returns if made with proper planning.

5. Fixed deposit investment

Fixed deposit investment is one of the best investment plans that an individual can opt. The returns from a fixed deposit investment are assured that makes it, even more, better investment plan.

The investment made in an FD can fetch you higher returns if invested for a longer duration. As the interest rate of an FD scheme is comparatively low, you need to make a long-term investment to earn a crore. The interest rate of a fixed deposit scheme is not influenced by the market, giving you assured return which you can also estimate prior investment.

A fixed deposit scheme also gives you the flexibility of choosing the tenor of investment. For a wider tenor, you can easily make a small amount investment. But to earn one crore, you have to invest a large sum for a wide tenor.

The Bottom Line

The investment plans mentioned above can help you get Rs.1 crore in your account gradually. But if you wish to get such a big sum, it is advisable to diversify your investment into various plans, instead of investing in a single plan.


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