Top 5 gaming-making Software every Developer needs to know!

By: robertjami

Gaming is a sensation among children and adults alike all over the world. In times past, it was solely considered to be a source of entertainment, but those times are long gone. In today’s world, it is revealing itself to be a proper profession.

Gaming isn’t just limited to a certain platform and genre. Rather, it encompasses all these areas and even more, as new gadgets are being introduced into the market all the time. Due to the overwhelming response, different genres of games are mustering, more and more professional developers are entering into the gaming world to reap its rewards.

Developing a simple game has been made quite easy with the help of various software. Here are some of the best game making software packages available, all of which offer utility to amateur and professional developers alike.

There is numerous software available which can assist developers in achieving their desired goals and objectives, but remember that in the end, it all depends on your personal motivation and the ability to learn and excel. Many of this software are quite memory-intensive, and take up a major chunk of your hard disk space. To download these, you might need a comprehensive internet plan; Xfinity internet packages can be quite useful in that department. Some most useful techniques can help you down this path of game development, a journey which is informative and entertaining all at once.

Construct 2

This is excellent software targeted at people who have no prior experience with coding. If you are new to game development, Construct 2 is a safe bet for you. A dedicated graphical user interface (GUI) helps operate the entire application so the graphics hide the code behind the attractiveness and provides an easy and seamless experience to the user. Not needing to code is one thing, but learning to use the software properly and being able to use it to its full potential is on you, so it depends upon your commitment.

A major perk with Construct 2 is that it lets you import your work to a number of platforms without having to carry out any changes in your game design for compatibility. Just use the GUI, implement game logic and an array of variables based on that logic, develop your final product, and put it up on the platform of your choice.

The online Scirra store lets you purchase add-ons, which can be quite helpful in embedding various elements into your game, such as music, videos, and interesting animations. On top of all the purchasable content available, you can always download samples or abstracts of games to learn and understand how the software works in detail and also to learn various tricks to speed up the game making process.

Adventure Game Studio

Adventure games are enjoyed by people of all ages. Indie classics like Grim Fandango and Myst amassed cult followings back in their day, and in recent years we have seen a revival of this genre, especially in the form of open-world role-playing games. Adventure Game Studio is a simple, yet effective tool for game development which helps you create basic adventure games with ease.

The biggest perk is that it is free of cost, and thus it presents a great opportunity for people who want to start or try their hand at game development. You can take it for a test drive and see if you can create something unique with this software. Note that it uses the simplistic code, and thus the features offered are quite basic and suitable for amateurs. Your unique story and the supporting artwork can all be meshed together to create a beautiful adventure game with this software.

Unreal Engine

This is state-of-the-art software developed by Epic Games which provides an experience to developers which is on par with its name. The graphics detail, animations features, and depths you can explore with this software seem quite unreal. This one is targeted at professional coders who have a strong background in C++. There is a large array of online tutorials which can help you understand this software better so you can be on your path to developing some amazing and immersive games. The high definition graphics offered to look splendid, but do tend to eat up a lot of space, so be sure to keep that in mind while using it.

The community associated with Unreal Engine is quite enthusiastic and helpful. Everyone pitches to improve the software. That, paired with the strong and comprehensive capabilities of the engine itself, results in the creation of some truly amazing games. You might need an upgrade on your graphics card to run this software on your computer, but we are sure that it will be well worth it.


This is another software which does not require any knowledge of coding in order to be utilized. What was originally a scratch project from a team at MIT transformed into Stencyl with the developmental efforts of a new team? The software features seamless drag and drops options to add components to your game layers, which is quite convenient and adds a degree of fun to the entire process.

Stencyl allows developers to write their own code as well, that is if they so choose. Custom classes and libraries can be effectively created, which offers increased autonomy to the developers to explore and experiment more with their projects. A dedicated actor tool allows for the creation of customized characters which can be translated into your own game and story. You can create flash games and post them for free on the company’s website. But if you want to gain monetary benefits by making it available on online stores, you need to get a yearly subscription fee. 

Amazon Lumberyard

This 3D game engine developed by Amazon is truly a masterpiece. It greatly facilitates the process of game development, especially for experienced C++ coders. Effective peer-to-peer support is available, and the software itself can be synced with a number of other graphics related software for optimal output and maximum support for developers from various backgrounds. It is frequently updated to counter any glitches and problems that the users might face while working. The UI is loaded with a wide array of features and thus could get a bit confusing for new users at times. This tool acts as a base for professional developers on which something great and unique can be built. The clutter, as people like to call it, could get somewhat distracting at times, which could be considered as a con for this software.


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