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Top 5 Android Apps Category That Simplifies Business

By: Supriya Gupta

Business ideas making effective is one of the biggest challenge nowadays. Gathering ideas, implementing in business and see the result is not much easier as it write. That want many strategies to implement, making all the implemented strategies work much faster etc are the factors to be considered while making business development at its peak. Now Information technology, smartphones, Smartphone apps etc are used in business to make it more reliable and easy. In this post we are going to discuss the top 5 Android apps category that makes a business much more easy. There are plenty of apps in each category own many cool and simple features that any employee can understand and use. Here discusses the android smartphones apps category that helps in business.apps for communication, document management, file storage, Time management, payment etc.

Business Apps

File Storage

File storage Online is one of the quickest method to manage business files. Online file storage is the service used by millions of business(small scale & Large scale) around the world. The benefit of online file storage is the easy retrieval of files , modifying it and again storing the saved files. There is no need to port the files as hard copy, or soft copy in all your devices, instead upload your files on online storage with your account. Then access the files by giving your login credentials on the service. There is no need to worry to carry all your files with you.

Google drive is the best online file storage that you can use in your business to manage your files. Millions of users are now using Google drive for their business. Since everyone have one Gmail account, so it is easy to get account with google drive because one gmail account can be used for each and every services owned by google. You can download android version of Google drive from play store.

There are so many other apps in this category like OnDrive (Microsoft), DroBox, MediaFire etc. All these apps can be download from google play store.

Communication And Information Sharing

Effective communication is the base of success of any business. Large infrastructures, large investment but having no effective communication between employees. Then all other big things will fall. For communication, make use of just phone calls that everyone we know the simple method. But that may not possible when business personals are in some meetings, deals with client etc. So here comes the important of Instant messaging android apps. By using the instant messaging app, the business persons can see the messages that are received urgent from collegues or manager. So he can call back him. Email is such kind of app. But Getting many Junk mails in email inbox is terrible.

Also this type of apps can be used for file sharing like sending important bills, scanned files, statements, bank details etc. Since the scanned files are sending over the app, there is no any mistakes while typing the information (Receiver seeing the original file via jpeg/ image file)

Whatsapp is the most commonly used apps in this category for business. Using these apps send scanned files, images, media files, document files like MS Word, pdf etc can be share instantly. Also these category apps provide the clear information that the receivers received (or Saw) the messages by blue tick mark (in many apps)

There are so many apps in this other than Whatsapp like hike, Line, Jio4GVoice from Reliance Jio, viber, skype etc. These apps also provides video and voice calling facility. All these apps provide HD Video and voice call with the Help of 4G or VoLTE network. Apps like Jio4GVoice provides special features to notify the urgency of call when calling.

Document File Management

This is another category of apps that we are mostly using in business. When we hear document, we know the importance of files like Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint etc. These types of apps will help to create the business files easily. Also provides the feature to edit the files anytime with your mobile app. Read and write accessibility on the files make it comfortable.
Microsoft word app is the most trusted and well known app in the android market every business using worldwide. For table creation excel is well known app. All these apps are now default in any android smartphone so that no need to download extra.

There are so many such cool services in file management like zoho. Zoho is widely used in business since they are providing all the services that need to develop a business like customer relation management, Email management, contact manager, card scanner, forms etc.

Payment and Money Transfer

Payment, money transfer etc are the backbone of business. Making transactions via bank takes time consuming. Because of this and many apps that allows to transfer money between bank accounts makes the business more easy and saving time.

In india, many small scale and large scale business uses apps like Phonepe, paytm, tezz(By google), easypaiza, etc. All these apps are now trending in india. Large amount can be transferred via these apps makes it much more popular in business needs.

So many apps are in the market like AirTel Money, Citi MasterPass, ICICI Pockets, Ezetap etc.
You can download these apps from playstore and can be used for your business transactions.

Time And Work Management

Time is priceless. Time and tide wait for no man. In business time have much value that any other factors. Making decision at the right time, assigning work to employees etc are critical part of business. For this management, there are so many apps. Trello is the one of the well known app in the category. This app provides the features to manage work, progress of work etc so that the employees can self look at his work progress. Trello have 1.1 million daily users and the most percentage of it from business users. Premium version of trello gives you many feature like track report of your work,reviews etc. Trello is very flexible to use. You can make your task done effectively using Trello like apps.
Similar apps in the categories are Tsheets, Timr, Timely, Google calender etc.

These are the top Android mobile apps category that every business personal should aware of. By using these apps, make business much easy.


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