Top 4 WordPress Instagram Plugins That will Boost Online Traffic to Your Business Website

By: andrewthompson

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking platforms in the world especially among individuals within the age group of 18 to 35 years. Since its inception in 2010, the growth of this networking channel has been phenomenal. Today, there are approximately 800 million people who use this smartphone photo-sharing application for various reasons. Experts predict that figure could increase to one billion in the next few years. This is the reason why corporate enterprises and entrepreneurs operating small are taking necessary steps to exploit its potential when it comes to promoting their brand products in the market.


Why should entrepreneurs upload their Instagram content on their WordPress websites?

These experts say the reason why many entrepreneurs consider Instagram to be a unique tool to promote their brand products among the general public, is because the application is very easy to use. These owners can simply take photos of what they are selling in the market with their smartphones, enhance such images with the aid of inbuilt filters and simply upload it to their business websites. Moreover, they can do all this without using their computers. Such professionals admit that this type of formatting can be a little time-consuming in comparison to other similar social media networking platforms. However, the result is always professional and creative.

Such professionals go on to explain that it is possible for many entrepreneurs to have a business profile of their organizations on this popular social media networking platform. However, it is prudent on their part to upload their Instagram content to their official business website to generate more organic traffic. They point out the following four important reasons for taking this course of action:


1. An Instagram photo is more appealing than conventional website ones

People browsing the internet for the products they want to buy usually find Instagram photos of such goods to be more aesthetically appealing and vibrant.  This is why entrepreneurs who go out of their way to include such images on their business websites witness a significant increase in sales.


2. Option to manage the Instagram content from a single source

Many entrepreneurs constantly manage their website content to interact with their online customers effectively. With the aid of WordPress Instagram plugins, such owners can reply back to the comments their customers sent after seeing the images of their products and upload a further picture. They can even perform such tasks without having to leave their official business website.


3. Instagram feed helps to improve customer engagement

Entrepreneurs are likely to notice a tendency among the members of their target audience to spend more time browsing their business websites when they upload Instagram photos. As these people find such images more appealing, it goes a long way toward improving customer engagement.


4. A chance to boost the number of people following their organization on Instagram

When entrepreneurs start to upload photos of the products they are selling in the market using Instagram on their websites, they notice an increase in the number of followers. This is because people who previously did not know much about their organization begin to browse their sites after seeing such images. Many of these people may not even be aware that such owners have an Instagram account for their establishments.

The above four reasons prove that uploading their Instagram feed to their business website is a necessity for entrepreneurs who are generating more organic traffic to their sites. It can also help them to increase the number of comments they receive from their target audience for the content they upload. Such owners can even buy such likes, shares, views, and followers when they visit Gramblast.


The experts further suggest such business people should make proper use of the following four key popular WordPress Instagram plugins to increase more online traffic to their business websites:

instagram wordpress plugins


1. Instagram Feed

This is a very popular plugin among people who frequently need to upload their Instagram photos to their main sites. It is not very difficult for them to configure and provides them with the necessary tools to display the images they upload in a manner which appeals to them. They also have the option to attach multiple Instagram accounts if the need arises. The basic version is free of cost and has all the necessary features they require. However, these individuals may have to spend a nominal amount to obtain the pro version.


2. WD Instagram Feed

The WD Instagram Feed plugin enables entrepreneurs and people in the fashion industry to come up with an Instagram gallery of their products with the captions available on its free version. This makes it more popular for such individuals than Instagram Feed. It has some unique built-in features for username, hashtag feeds, thumbnail browser layouts and others.


3.Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram Slider Widget plugin combines two distinct design entrepreneurs can include displaying their Instagram contents on their websites. The first option allows them to reduce the photos of the products they wish to show on their sites to a suitable size to fit the sidebar. However, an online browser can still view such images on every page. The frontend widget thumbnail is another option they can use. This is gallery which exhibits pictures whose size are equivalent to a human thumbnail. At any point in time, the slider shows the latest 12 posts on such businessmen’s Instagram page.


4. Instagram Theatre

This is perhaps one of the most popular WordPress Instagram plugins. However, it is not possible for Instagram users to download it from the internet and try it out free of cost. They have to pay a certain amount of money for the versions they use.  It also allows them to create a sleek outlay for the images they intend to display even in the case of full screen viewing without additional features.

The above four popular WordPress Instagram plugins can go a long way in making the business websites of such entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd. Such features generally act as a catalyst to boost online traffic to their sites. However, it is crucial for them to know what they require before they start incorporating such plugins on their websites.


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