Top 10 interesting and inspiring entrepreneur and business blogs of 2018

By: jessicapaul

Here’s to another year of awesome blogs to follow! Every year, we publish a new list of the best blogs to follow in a wide range of zones self-development and entrepreneurship. Since these articles were so popular with our readers, we’re making sure we consistently update them, so you can bookmark the list & be able to the rundown, and return to it each opportunity to requirement for data, inspiration or counsel.

There are several blogs I’ve decided to exclude from the list, It’s constantly great to give the lesser known websites a say when the data they’re imparting to you is similarly as helpful and critical. These are still great blogs to follow if you’re an entrepreneur as they deliver information and news on a very regular basis, however they won’t be included within the main list of top blogs for entrepreneurs. These are as yet extraordinary web journals to take after in case you’re a business visionary as they convey data and news on an exceptionally general premise, be that as it may they won’t be incorporated inside the principle rundown of best sites for business people.

Here are the top 10 blogs for entrepreneurs in 2018:

#1. Smart Passive Income

Founded by Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income is an awesome blog for entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers. Pat considers himself the dummy of seeing what works and what doesn’t in entrepreneurship. Definitely check it out if you don’t follow it already.



#2.  Gary Vaynerchuk

Speaking of Gary Vaynerchuk, his own personal blog gives you a background on his entrepreneurial success and shares brilliant advice he’s  learnt throughout his journey to success.




#3. Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is a successful evangelist, author and speaker. If you haven’t heard about him before then it’s definitely worth reading more about him. Take a look at his blog for a more personal touch on evangelism.





#4. Entrepreneur on Fire

Founded by John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire is a blog/podcast where John has interview tonnes of successful entrepreneurs such as the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Brian Tracy and so on. If you’re into pod-casts this is a must.




#5. Entrepreneurs Journey 

Founded by Yaro Starak – Entrepreneurs Journey is all about teaching you the secrets and methods to be able to live the laptop lifestyle. This blog is great for anyone who’s building a blog or an online business and wants to learn how to market their websites.



#6. The Entrepreneurs Library

Found by Wade Danielson – The Entrepreneurs Library is an excellent resource for fining out the best books to read for entrepreneurs. However, the blog also shares great business lessons and Wade also hosts regular podcasts to go with it.





#7. JustSEOTech

Founded by Wanda Moore – JustSEOTech is run by a good friend of mine, and is blog giving out great entrepreneurial advice and tools, but one that also gives back to the community by donating to organizations.




#8. Steve Blank

Steve Blank’s story is so detailed that I won’t go into it right now. You can read more about him and his life on the ‘About’ page of his blog. However, he offers books, guides, tools and videos for startups, and has plenty of experience. So it’s worth checking him out.





#9. Social Triggers

Founded by Derek Halpern – Social Triggers is a hugely successful blog ranked 17,455 in the world. Derek shares great advice on building your business, marketing your product and gaining more customers.





#10. 4 Hour Work Week

Founded by Tim Ferris – The New York Times best seller created 4 Hour Work Week in order to help you escape the boring 9-5 grind and live the life you’ve always wanted.



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