Top 10 Apps to Help You at Work

By: nathinjohn

Many times when it gets busy at the office, people often have to multi-task to finish all their work and get through the day. No matter how hard you work, the files just keep piling up on you, work never seems to stop when you’re at the office. Nowadays, the best way to go about all of this work is to work smarter, not harder. Fortunately for us, the app store offers some remarkable tools that can help you manage your workload by offering easy to use work applications. Let’s take a look at the top 10 apps that can help you manage your various tasks with little to no extra effort required on your end.

 Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is an extremely easy to use annotation application which can handle pretty much everything you can throw at it. With it you can become a champion of PDFs along with navigation keys that help you zoom in and out of documents as well as scroll up and down. E-sign your documents and share it through Adobe’s Cloud Networks. Adobe also offers complete protection for your valuable information and data through its high levels of security.


 Basecamp 3

A great tool for project management which includes various utilities from previous versions and new ones with the latest version. The app is available for both iOS and Android users. It enables professional work to be delivered through an engaging and interactive interface. Communicate with your entire team and manage schedules with task updates on the fly. Send and receive ping messages for a more direct conversation setting. This is a powerful work tool for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.



Available for both Android and iOS computing devices, this app is specifically designed for a marketer who has to manage multiple social media accounts for businesses. Buffer supports social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. Advanced features of the app include content creator tools and analytics. This tool is trusted by various agencies, brands, and businesses around the globe because it helps achieve desirable results.


Business Calendar

When meeting deadlines is a must and tracking progress is mandatory, then this is the app for you. This intuitive app is specifically designed to help keep you on schedule without missing out on priorities. Set reminders and schedule meetings, plus tons of features for you to explore, you will never look at a calendar the same way again. An extremely versatile and professional tool for complex and reliable calendar management offering customizable and syncing features.

Google Drive

Short on storage space? Then try Google Drive with an astounding 15 GB of storage space for Gmail account’s attachments and messages, Google+ Photos and so much more. This is a great tool because every action on your Google Drive is instantly backed-up, so whenever you log into your Google Drive you will receive up-to-date folders and files. You can also share files across multiple devices with incredible synchronization features.



An ideal application for those who have to manage a ton of passwords and accounts at work. Available for both iOS and Android users, the app enables users to sync their accounts. This will help you when logging in and out of your various accounts on different websites and applications. The app includes security features through encryption and cross-device syncing capabilities for password management, and it’s absolutely free of cost.


Microsoft Office

Whether it’s a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or a slide show of your upcoming team presentation in PowerPoint, Microsoft Office has got you covered. It is a great application for managing all of your paperwork and tasks which are absolutely necessary for running operations. Furthermore, if you are using an Android computing device then you can get this application absolutely free.



Manage all of your email inboxes through this smart application that utilizes artificial intelligence to make sense of all the clutter. The app offers features such as swipe controls, customization options for your notifications, searching tools & features, and listen to your emails through Alexa (Amazon’s wireless speaker). Create and manage a cooperative workspace for your entire team and perform your daily tasks through a singular tool.



A great tool for communicating with your office colleagues through instant messaging. Skype also includes calling features with both audio and video calling options. Skype is free and ready to use, so simply set up your account and immediately meet new clients. It offers an easy to use and flexible interface that can connect you on nearly every device on the planet. Regularly updated with new features and designs for a constant fresh look on the app.



Create a Facebook look-alike social media account for your office. Keep track of your team’s activities, upload documents, photos, and videos. This app allows you to create separate boards for separate tasks and you can add and remove team members from any task and manage deadlines with complete coordination from your team. This app is brought to you by Atlassian.

Office life can get pretty hectic with your day to day routines at work. Managing tasks can easier just by utilizing high-speed connectivity services like Mediacom internet. Office applications and tools can help you perform your tasks on time. Instead of barely meeting your deadlines, we recommend that you utilize some of these applications to outshine the competition. With advancements in technology, new tools are being created every day. But remember, the tool is only as good as the user, so stay stress-free by working smarter, not harder.


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