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Thinking About PPC? It’s Time to Hire a White Label PPC Agency! Know Why.?

By: Ajay Sharma

For many small digital marketing firms, realizing that AdWords PPC management is complex can come as a rude shock. If you think PPC is easy to do, here’s a reality check – it’s not! Partnering a white label PPC agency can help you tap into a number of hidden opportunities and better implement/ manage campaigns to achieve best ROI.

#1 Save Time and Effort

For an ROI optimized AdWords account, you need to dedicate a considerable amount of time and effort which can be hard to do when you are a small agency using limited resources to juggle various client commitments and administrative responsibilities. Instead of wasting time putting in unskilled, half-hearted efforts, it’s better to outsource to a white label PPC agency. Depending on your requirements and their services, a white label agency may be able to recommend strategies or implement them on your behalf.

#2 Access Team of Experts

Profitable AdWords management requires knowledge, skills and experience. Instead of spending precious dollars training and bringing your staff up-to-date with AdWords best practices, you can partner a white label agency that already has a proficient, experienced team of AdWords experts in place. You can rest in peace knowing that your client’s account is being run and managed by knowledgeable experts who know the ins and outs of how PPC works.

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#3 Leverage Multiple Skills

Successful AdWords campaigns are a collaborative effort and require skills in multiple areas. With a white label PPC company, you have access to a diverse team of AdWords who have experience working working with clients in different sectors and of all sizes. A good white label AdWords agency will have a healthy mix of PPC professionals and assign them to particular projects according to campaign objectives to order to obtain best possible solutions.

#4 Work towards Holistic Solutions

It’s very important to look at an AdWords account holistically. Of course, the performance of KPIs are important but if CTRs are high and conversion rates low, it’s definitely not a good sign. There can be many factors such as website load speed or landing page experience that could be preventing searchers from converting. A multi-faceted white label agency will be able to leverage Google analytics tools to pinpoint areas that need improvements and either recommend changes or implement them if required.

#5 Create Strategic, Result-Oriented Campaigns

A good agency offering white label PPC services will have a strategic approach to maximizing ROI. It’s surprising how easy it is to waste marketing dollars by either bidding on the wrong keywords or bidding too high/too low. AdWords professionals access various reports within an account to make appropriate bid adjustments. For example, the ‘Search Term Report’ is a goldmine of information that tells you what search terms are triggering your ads and resulting in clicks.

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#6 Partner Premium Agency

With your reputation at stake, it’s understandable to be hesitant about partnering an agency offering white label PPC services. Luckily, there are certain certifications that reflect a service provider’s expertise. Google Premier Partner is the gold standard you should be looking for. An agency that’s part of Google’s Premier Partner program has Google certified AdWords experts who receive regular hands-on training from Google and follow best practices for account management. These experts are fully equipped to take on any changes to the AdWords platform.

#7 Create Additional Revenue Streams

A reliable white label agency will not compete with you for clients. It will provide unbranded solutions and work quietly in the background, allowing you to take all credit. By offering high quality PPC solutions to your clients, you can create additional revenue streams and become recognized as a formidable service provider.

Enough said! Set up a consultation with a white label AdWords management company and start exploring how you can leverage their services!

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Ajay Sharma has more than 4.5-year experience in Digital Marketing and working as a PPC & SEO Analyst in a reputed white label PPC services agency providing PPC outsourcing services and still learning new marketing tactics. And he is the Author at TechWebSpace.com Also, loves music, travelling, adventure, family and friends.


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