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Things to keep in mind when hiring a iPhone Application Developer in USA

By: AppSquadz

With rising competition in the iphone application development universe, it has become imperative that an application development company or any enterprise for that matter seeks to hire a professional iPhone and iPad application developer who is well versed with the tricks of the trade. So here are a list of tips to consider when hiring an iOS app developer for the making of your application.

But the question that we first need to address is,

why a professional developer?

First and foremost the usage of iPhones in USA is increasing by the day. More and more users are switching to iPhones and without doubt Apple’s App Store rules the mobile application industry. This calls for enterprises to develop applications for both android and iOS markets. Also, a trained and dedicated developer will meet your deadlines on time and also understand the your required needs much more accurately. A professional will be able to incorporate and enhance on the features you list much faster as compared to an amateur.

Thus, for developing a seamless application one must hire an experienced professional with thorough knowledge.

Points to remember while hiring your iOS developer:

Prepare a proposal

Before you begin looking and reaching out to developers, prepare a comprehensive proposals stating all your requirements in detail. The project deadlines, milestones, payment methods, hiring models etc must be stated in clear words to avoid any confusion. This prepared document will eradicate any confusion and save the time of both the employer and the developer.

Do your background check

This cannot be ignored. The developer must have a solid background of necessary certifications and a decent portfolio which stresses on quality work done previously.


Always consider a developer with recommendations from previous clients and employers. They have seen this developer’s work and are aware of his/her competency. These are your only source of honest reviews.

Analyse and judge the iphone applications which are live

To have a clear and more vivid outlook of their work, emphasise on this step. This will clarify any doubts related to their competency and you will be able to judge if your project requires the same level of expertise or not.

The iphone developer must be registered on the Apple App store

As Apple doesn’t let application developers discharge an application freely without getting it affirmed from the App Store, it is critical for engineers to have an enlisted account with Apple.

Enlist the expectations and the deliverable

Ask questions about the future communication between the iPhone application developer and the hirer and how will they keep record of the development process. Also, inquire about the payment process, payment model, duration of application delivery etc at the time of hiring to avoid any conflict thereafter. Also, talk to them about what they are ready to bring to the table. This small detail will help you judge their technical acumen.

Check the developer’s keenness

You can do this by just having a general conversation about latest trends running in the application world and their opinions about them. This will give you an insight about their interest in the work they do and if they will be completely involved with your application. Usually iOS application developers or any platform developers carry a phone of the same platform so that they can keep a check on theirs and other applications. So if an iOS app developer is carrying an iPhone and is passionate about it, it can mean something.


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