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These 11 Features That You Must Look In Online Testing Application

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Are you evaluating and an online school management system? Do you want to use them for thousands of students? Then it should be easy to use, flexible and secure as well. There are many applications which are there but what you should look at it an application which perfectly meets your needs.

1. Flexibility

The software which you are looking at should be supported by multiple platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows.  Furthermore, it should also be able to interact comfortably with most of the devices, numerous APIs and physical and virtual environments.


2. Ease of Integration

It could easily be integrated with the third party testing tools. It will ensure that the application can easily be integrated with the third party testing applications.


3. Industry Standard

The testing platform should also be able to support the standards that are set by the Network Test Automation forum. It is an industry standard body which is formed to promote the interoperability of the testing tools. If you don’t find an online testing application which can meet the rigorous standards, then you might have to face the challenges.


4. Ability to Manage Applications Online

The software should be able to manage the application online. The system should be configurable to provide various notifications. Furthermore, the interface should be able in various languages.


5. Support for Multiple Questions

The online test application should be able to support various types of questions. It means that multiple questions should be supported, then the fill in the blanks type questions should be supported as well. If you want to include true or false type questions or image-based questions, then you should be able to include them as well. Then come the image-based questions and simulation-based questions as well.


6. Test Submission Management

The software should automate the entire testing process. It should include the option to randomize the questions and answers. The online test application should be able to support the various weighting and marking schemes. When the students complete the exams, the should be easily uploaded by the students.


7. Management of Exams

The features should include mock tests. The features should include the ability to restart or resume the exam, the option to view or print the scorecard. The auto-submission of exams should also be there.  The students should be able to preview the reviews that have been attempted or which have not been attempted. The exam should handle the non-linear navigation to any question. The system should also be able to log any malpractice by the candidate as well.


8. Management of the Results

The various features should include an evaluation tool, ability to create the mark-sheets, generation of the certificates as well. Finally, the tabulation of merit list and the capability of the result analysis should be there in the online test application.


9. Should be Secure

The online testing software should include the dual restriction authentication and the ability to encrypt the test.  The application should be able to secure the browser and also restrict the access from a specific IP address.  The system can track the IP address from which the test is being taken.  The test takers should not be able to copy and paste them from the exam page.  In the same way, the right mouse clicks, print screen, use of the special keys, toolbar/menu bar in the test taker’s browser should be disabled as well.


10. Scalability

Large institutes which are engaged in campus hiring and various student test preparation activities look for a system that is highly scalable.  The online exam software should support multiple users across multiple locations simultaneously.  Most of the current day online exam software should not use much of the bandwidth. They should need not more than a computer and an active broadband connection or in some cases a webcam to take the tests. The system must have a robust server which can deliver a high response time.  It should be able to offer the much-needed scalability and high response time.  Then the server should also be able to scale up, and there should be much-needed efficiency to tackle any mishaps as well.  It can be made sure by the auto-save feature so that if a person answers the question, it is saved immediately.


11. Reporting and Analysis

For the trainers and teachers who have the correct copies, there should be provisions of reporting and analysis. The ability to control the scores should be there is as soon as the test is over.


In the End

Once you have these features in the online test application, you can remain assured that you have the best system that meets your needs perfectly.


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