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The Top Reasons People Succeed in the IT Service Desk Industry

By: vaishaligopi

The way IT Service has become integral to operations is amazing and nearly all companies use some type of IT services in their operations or other. Even in customer support, deploying IT services and tools has become a global trend. Companies in all sectors resort to using specialized software solutions to serve the customers better. However, it is not just enough for a company to deploy feature rich helpdesk solution –when it comes to offering top notch service to the customers. The support agents also need to be trained and they should develop required skills to make best use of the software. They need to utilize specific skill sets and use the IT services to serve the customers in the best way in the interest of the company.


Ways to succeed in the IT service desk sector

To succeed as an IT help desk professional, you need to develop and sharpen certain skills. Proper training plays role behind success but the professionals also need to make the best use of innate skills to learn as they work!

Listed below are the top factors/reasons for professionals to taste success in help desk sector:

Following protocols is necessary but acting according to situation is also required

In all companies, the support agents have to adhere to certain set of protocols when catering to customer needs, for both query and grievance resolutions. Ideally, the agents should stick to those protocols when attending to the customers- over call or chat. However, in certain emergency situations they may have to walk an extra mile to meet the customer needs. This can be done in many ways and the agents may have to check the viability with the management too. Offering impromptu solutions to the customers facing dire situations can help the company in long run.


Using psychological factors to your advantage

Not all customers have identical mindsets, likings and preferences, as it is. The agents have to gauge the nature of customers when talking or interacting with him/her. Some customers prefer a straightforward approach while with some others, a bit of diplomacy can work well! The right approach is required to deal with customers facing difficult situations and the agents have to master these nuances to succeed. Simple words can either make or break the situation.


Understanding acumen/aptitude of the customer

Not all customers are likely to be comfortable with technical stuffs. This is owing to their age group, lifestyle, education level and many other factors. As an agent, you may have to deal with customers who are novices and you may have to explain things that are alien to them! So, you have to adopt suitable approach when dealing with different types of customers. This can be helpful when there is need to troubleshoot things. On the contrary, you will occasionally come across some customers who are tech savvy and need little guidance.


Having plenty of patience is prerequisite

In customer service, patience is a prerequisite and it is true for all companies. Even with the best IT Help Desk Software deployed, lack of patience on part of the agents can make things tough for the businesses. The agents may have to cope with various tough situations and at times, there can be angry customers to cope with too! Unexpected hardware and software hassles can crop up when no one expects them. Sometimes, explaining apparently simple things to some customers can prove to be tedious for the agents. Under all these taxing situations, the agents should not lose cool and remain patient.


Learning on the work is very important

It is true that the agents are given training by the company post recruitment and the training is vital for skill development. However, in real life, no training can teach you everything required for customer support operations! The agents have to pick up new skills by observing others at work and even mistakes committed can serve as lessons for them.


Skill enhancement and upgrading

When getting into helpdesk segment, the agents receive training and that includes new software and web tools. The technologies used in this segment change over the years. It is only natural for the agents to get accustomed to new tools and cloud services etc. For an agent, staying informed about industry trends and technologies is essential. Using the numerous online resources can be handy for this.


Honesty in dealing with customer is important

Under any situations, the support agents need to deal with the customers with honesty. It is not prudent to promise the customer anything about service or product that you are uncertain about. Using false assurance or making vague statements to pacify irate customers is not commendable. It is better that you offer the truth to the customer while assuring him/her about available solutions. Or else, the customer may develop negative perception about the brand.


Teamwork is essential

In helpdesk segment, it is necessary for the gents to collaborate and share resources with the other teams. This can be necessary for resolving specific queries by the customers. Sometimes, the agents may have to check facts with other teams when dealing with customer issues. Accessing common resources like CRM database is something they need to do periodically. So, they need to develop teamwork skills.


Make use of documentation, logs and records

The support agents have to be aware of the recorded logs, documents and records when dealing with different types of customers. Nowadays, they need not spend much time in fetching these as the Service Desk Software is used to store required stuffs for re-use. However, the agents have to be adept in using these content and resources for clarifying things to the customers as and when required. This can be useful in resolving disputes in many instances.


Working smart and not just hard

There is no replacement for dedication and hard work in any sector and that holds true for helpdesk segment too. However, a support agent needs to use analytical skills when dealing with the customers and make smart decisions that can be useful for both sides. There is nothing like a formula for this but you have to use your instinct, experience and reasoning capacity to the hilt. For example, tech savvy customers can be directed to the knowledge base of Help Desk Software for troubleshooting small issues- which can benefit both parties. This can be done by email also. To make less tech savvy customers understand things, using live chat setup can be better than phone. The problem level has to be analyzed for this.


Understanding when to escalate cases is important

As a support agent, you may have years of experience but you may not have solution for all customers calling or using live chat. Sometimes, even veteran agents have to escalate cases to the management for resolving complex cases. This can happen when the customer is stubborn or wants a discussion with the management etc. However, a skilled agent should be able to gauge when to escalate a case! Delay in escalation can cause serious damage.


Summing it up

For success in IT Service Desk segment, it is important to utilize reasoning and analytical skills. The agents also have to update their knowledge and technical skills to stay competitive.


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