The Data Center Trends 2019 to 2020

By: Naveen

We can’t deny the fact that data center is shifting to support wider platforms in the digital landscape. With that, the businesses seem to rely on the capabilities of your IT ecosystem for supporting the new initiatives.

The year 2018 has covered half the way of its time, many new concepts, and solutions around data center come to meet during this tenure.


The question is “will the new solutions and concepts around data center architecture will force business leaders and IT professionals to think differently to let the data center run more optimally and create competitive advantages in 2019?

Let’s dig deeper and get insights into the top technology trends that will impact the data center industry in 2019-2020.

No doubt, until now, the IT industry was using cloud services centralization and transition of small and mid-sized enterprises to that cloud. In the next couple of years, you may happen to see a change in the data center management and trends. Professionals are of the view that all big data center service providers will continue to scaling out their data centers fast to meet the requirements.

But, this will be just an effort to scale out. It’s not for a technology change.

Data Center Modernization (Tower micro data centers)

In the next couple of years, the data center providers will be striving for meeting the heavy workloads demands of next-generation applications and new IT architectures in critical business facilities. There will be a demand for a smart well-connected micro data centers. These data centers may be built in most cell towers and local offices. Enterprises will continue to modernizing their data center assets through updates to existing facilities and or the placement of new facilities.

Hybrid Information Technology Operations

By the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, 70% of enterprises that are associated with the digital transformation efforts will be affording to translate business needs into effective IT investments. There will be a massive shift from the human power to the machine power. Organizations will be bound to hire only those individuals who have advanced skill sets needed to build digital supply chains.

5G will be in Demand

5G will be much more than in the demand in 2019 in cellular technology. It will be the most favored platform of the future generation and for all stationary and mobile connectivity. No doubt, the 5G revolution has already taken place, but it will take years to fully open for the public and industry use.

Edge Data Center

2019 may be the year of the Edge Data Center. It doesn’t mean the cloud technology will burst and the edge will replace the cloud. Edge solutions are a solution, intended for the purpose of complementing data center and cloud services. It works as the decentralized extension of the cellular networks, campus networks, data center networks, or the cloud.

According to IT experts, those enterprises that have embarked on a digital business journey will continue to choose decentralized approach for addressing their digital business infrastructure requirements.

Open Platforms across the Board

Today’s businesses are striving for full open platforms in every aspect of the data centers, ranging from storage and compute to networking. The 2019 may witness the demand for many non-differentiating products. Thus, the companies will invest in innovation for hardware platforms.

Some of those companies that will survive may be looking out for only commercial software to run on mediocre open hardware platform.

Digital Campus

By 2020, according a research, more than 50% of organizations, especially those that deal in consumer-facing industries, will spend more annually for upgrading their network, cloud storage systems, computing, storage sources in edge locations than investing on upgrades in their core data centers.

Optical IT Industry

Owing to the new buildouts massive scale out, the intra-optional business is considered to thrive with large numbers in 100G optical modules and fiber deployment. It’s hard to predict the development of new optical technology in next two years. 100G will continue to be a dominant technology to ensure proper connectivity in data centers. On the other hand, backbone connectivity has to go through an innovation cycle – like making it more open and preparing for the made demand from the 5G deployments that may come in next few years.

In summary, the data center is shifting focus. But it doesn’t mean conventional centralized data center scale out will decline its value. It will continue to make its place at the volumes and pricing in the next few years across all technologies networking, compute, storage, and interconnect).



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