The Culture in Our Culture!

By: nathinjohn

Here’s the thing about culture – they either shape us as humans or are shaped by us. There’s no other way around it. It is our culture that is embedded within our souls, making us act in situations the way we do. For instance, in Egyptian culture, they loved cats to a great extent because of their goddess, Bastet. They literally used to shave off their eyebrows upon the death of their cats, and the mourning phase continued until the eyebrows grew back to their original length and volume. Animals meant a lot to them and were greatly valued because of it. In a way basically, animals were themselves a culture – their culture! At the same time, the same animals were paid little or no respect in other areas around the world. Cats specifically were burned alive in various other cultures because people saw them as bearers of Gothic and uncanny abilities. They thought of them as familiars and symbols of bad luck in Europe while the Egyptians worshipped and loved them (at the same time) on another side of this very globe we call Earth.

Our culture is essentially a western culture, but it is enriched with the tinges of other cultures as well. American culture shaped itself by taking a few big and small pinches of five different cultures in total:

  • Native American
  • Latin American
  • African
  • Asian
  • A hint of Polynesian

It’s no secret how the United States came into being. The country’s mere existence was a result of Jeffersonian democracy. In case you don’t know what that is – it is basically an undying commitment to American republicanism; an opposition to all wrongs, be they aristocratic, corruptive, or something else entirely. The theory was advocated by Thomas Jefferson, and it gave all Americans a purpose. Though we came from different areas of the world, we became one because we had the same belief. Our skills complement each other’s, and we set out to make an Eden out of Earth. We have a foundation of diversity within us, and the best thing is that we have the heart to accept it (at least to an extent).

The most preeminent thing about our culture is that we stand for all. Our culture is engraved with everything pretty, as well as ugly; delicate, as well as rough. Conservative, as well as liberal; scientific, as well as religious – all these dynamics, are fundamental. It is embedded deeply within our roots. From the beginning, we have always let two opposing ends survive and balance each other out. The idea was to accept yin-and-yang as they are – to let it all nourish on the land of dreams, opportunities, and happiness.

In short, we were made in the name of the freedom and liberty we aspired to achieve for years.  We came into being to help each other achieve more. We aspired to be inspired and to, in turn, inspire the world to be a better place. Places can only be made better or led to evolving if we all try to fit in this whole puzzle of a world. Yes, the earth is a globe, but let’s not forget how it is actually made up of pieces. All those pieces hold individuality and uniqueness, but we should never forget that only by sticking together can we make a whole picture. Human nature, however, can lead us to make everything about ourselves. It isn’t wrong to think of our family before someone else’s, but that in no way means that we should do so by ruining others. Humans tend to go about doing things per their individual interests, and then will blame the destructive results and losses on capitalism. In reality, could this be the actual reason and true justification for our selfish motives? Are the motives we tend to sugar coat nothing but a cloak for this behavior? Is this our motto? Our purpose? Us or even The US?

No, it certainly is not. Never will it be either, because we are not just a mere nation. We are an undying embodiment of leaders, thinkers, and humanitarians. Our forefathers fought and survived wars for this land in the name of freedom and liberty which now we pollute when the eye of a camera isn’t so focused. This land exists as a result of many colonial wars and liberated nations not so we would become the same oppressors that we fought with, but instead to make the whole world a better place.

We are our culture.

You know how bacteria together make up a culture on the small petri dish tray under a microscope? We are exactly like that bacterial culture on this globe. Different cultures together make up a society, and our society is meant to be not just respectable, but also to inspire others to be like us. We are the future, and our future can only prosper with positivism.

I am playing my part in keeping my culture alive not just around me–in the shape of arts and architect–but also inside me to be the human I was meant to be.

The question to be pondered over is what are you doing your part in becoming the true culture of our culture?

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