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The 10 Tips on Local SEO That Will Help You Outdo Your Competitors in The Regional Market

By: alexander

Local SEO has been a trending topic of discussion among the marketing experts and webmasters for a while. Nonetheless, only a handful of small business owners optimize their web presence for the local population. If you are one of them, you need to modify your site and content for local searches. Do you serve an exclusively local community? Does your company or store have several locations within the state? Are you selling a niche product in Philadelphia? Then this is the perfect time for you to cash in.

Here are a few compelling statistics that determine the outcome of website optimization for local searches –

  • 50% smartphone users, who searched for a business, visited the store within a day.
  • Over 18% of the mobile searches result in a sale, and at least 87% of mobile users rely on Google.
  • More than 50% of the local searches are about business names, locations, contact details, and offers.
  • Over 71% of the potential patrons seek business information online before stepping into the store.
  • For local SRLs, over 68% of the users hit the click to call button or map directions on their mobile.

One of the leading reasons for the popularity of local SEO is the rise of mobile searches. Over 60% of the American adults use smartphones to look for new businesses around them. The ease of access has made it convenient for online companies to push the potential customers down the sales funnel towards conversion.

Several factors determine the effectiveness of a local SEO pack. There might be more than one tip or trick that your competitor is ignoring right now. Without further ado, let us delve into the ten tips that will help your site for increasing local visibility:

1. Pay attention to your title and description

That might sound basic, but most businesses ignore the importance of business titles, descriptions and location details on their sites. Work on your site’s meta description, so the users know what you are selling.


2. Find space on Yext and Moz Local

One of the best ways to find more visibility is by utilizing the citation option on tools like Moz local and Yext. These will boost the profile of your business. Therefore, be very careful to provide the correct name, address and phone number (NAP) each time.


3. Go live on Google My Business

It is baffling to see hundreds of businesses ignoring GMB while trying to optimize for local SEO. Although you will have to brave the “snail mail,” you will get Google’s stamp of approval once you finish the verification process. In the meantime, work on the business description content, categories, hours of operation and other relevant details.


4. Do not ignore Bing Places

Google might be the King of search engines, but that does not give you enough reason to ignore Bing Places. Get aboard Bing Places for Business and make sure that you provide the same kind of information you have on GMB.


5. Invest more time on Schema Markup

Structured Schema Markup for local SEO should include your business name, location, description, working hours and contact details. Leveraging the schema markup will help you get a head start in the online marketing game.


6. Sponsor local events

It can be a regional cooking competition or a pumpkin carving contest, depending on the season and the craze, think about sponsoring events that draw attention. Get a few reviewers and journalists on board. Remember that each mention of your brand on the social media and blogging platforms is also a value-adding link for your business.


7. Approach local non-competitors for backlinks

In a world surrounded by competitors, you must make friends with the ones that are not pitting against you. It could include your local famous coffee shop or the salon next door. Depending on your niche, there might be one or more local businesses who work with you. Offer them backlinks on your site in exchange for backlinks from theirs. In case you do not know whom to approach, ask your Philadelphia SEO services for help.


8. Improve your site dwell time

Dwell time is the swell time for Google bots. As per the new algorithm updates and RankBrain, the amount of time each user spends on your site acts as a ranking signal. Increasing the dwell time (how long a visitor stays on the page) automatically decreases the bounce rate. Therefore, keep your website interesting, informative and navigation-friendly. Always remember that as long as you manage to hold the attention of the visitors, you have better chances of outdoing your competition.


9. Practice excellent customer service

No local business can survive the cut-throat competition without dedicated customer service. That means you have to do better than chatbots and IVR services. Outstanding customer services include prompt responses, replies to reviews, sending goodie bags and freebies to patrons, adding a personal touch or a surprise on an old customer’s birthday or anniversary. Yes, this will take some time, effort and money, but it will go a long way to establish a loyal relationship between the customer and your business.


10. No site is good enough without mobile

Today, there is no way you can make your web presence impressive without a mobile site. Responsive websites are necessary for boosting user satisfaction. Opening a desktop site on mobile is beyond irritating. In fact, 72% of visitors with purchasing power bounce without checking the content if the site does not render well on their mobile phones. Additionally, Google has recommended mobile responsive websites for SEO in 2018. The long-tailed keyword and local/regional keyword strategies will only be used when you have a mobile-first site.

Besides these tips, you need to work on the general factors that affect SEO including website speed, title tags, header tags, alt tags and descriptions for the content. Local SEO does not exclude website optimization for search engines. In fact, you should think of it as optimizing the content for a local audience after you have already spent some time learning about the signaling factors that determine Google Page rankings.


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