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Ten Various Ways To Do CRM Software

By: vaishaligopi

No matter what sector your company belongs to, it needs to deal with customers and keeping good relationship with customers is of utmost importance. Apart from offering freebies, discounts and personalized offers, it is also necessary to use suitable software applications for this purpose. Mid to large sized entities in niches like hospitality, insurance, telecom, retail, finance use specialized CRM software. CRM or customer relationship management software is useful in maintaining great relation with the customers and strengthening it further. It is more than just a database to store details of each company customer!

Listed below are top 10 ways to make the best use of CRM software:


#1. A centralized location to store everything related to the customers

With a CRM software, you face no difficulty in storing all details and information of each customer of the company. Everything including phone call logs made by a customer, emails exchanged, every order made by him/her gets stored in the application. Earlier this was done manually which is not fast and accurate by any means. When details of all customers are stored in the CRM application and the required data can be fetched within a few second, it is helpful for the employees and the business too.


#2. Can be used to satisfy loyal customers

Not all customers of your business are same, as it is. A section of the customers prefer services and products offered by your brand over the others. Definitely, you will like to retain these customers. For this, using the CRM software can be utilized. Using the data stored by the software, you can learn about personal occasions of such customers including birthday and anniversaries etc. Then, you can offer them special gifts or promotional offers on those occasions. This will help in impressing the customers and they will stick to the brand.


#3. Useful for observing buying habits and penchant of the customers

Every time a customer makes any purchase or returns a purchased product, it gets stored in the CRM application. This makes it easy for you to observe and track buying habits of each customer. Thereafter, it becomes easier to make suitable product recommendations and offers to the customers. You can also figure out customer buying patterns using with respect to region and time scale etc.


#4. Useful for conflict or dispute resolution 

Owing to numerous reasons, sometimes conflicts with customers may take place. There can be dispute regarding service or specific product. When your company has a CRM solution in place, resolving such customer cases becomes easier. For example, a customer may contact the company for problems in a product previously purchased. It may not be possible for each such customer to keep track of all information pertaining to the orders. However, you can use the CRM database to fetch every single piece of information on the order including date of purchase, delivery details, warranty terms and more. The availability of data can be used to make the concerned customer see reason and the dispute can be dissolved easily.


#5. Can be used for targeting marketing

CRM software solution can be useful for knocking a section of customers who have become inactive of late. Using CRM software, you can find out the customers who have not made any orders in the last few months. To make them interested to place orders again, you can resort to targeted marketing methods. From the CRM database, you can obtain their email ids and send them personalized discounts and offers.

The buying pattern of the customers can also be used by the marketing team to cross sell and up-sell products. The data pertaining to previous orders of a customer can be used to suggest him/her alternative suitable products when he makes an enquiry. This strategy can also be used by the customer support team.


#6. Useful for enhancing customer service

Nowadays, all companies are trying to improve customer service quality as the market has become very competitive. Besides, the customers are now smarter and they have abundance of choices. Using a suitable CRM software is helpful in improving customer service level. When a customer contacts the company, for either query resolution or solving any issue, existence of CRM solution makes it easy for support agents to provide required information to the customer instantly. They can also figure out the regular customers and respond to them accordingly. They can also find out details on previous issues faced by the customers. So, they can fulfill customer needs better.


#7. Integration with numerous software and online services

Present generation CRM applications come with options for tight integration with various software applications. These solutions can also be integrated with cloud services and SaaS solutions. Support for popular social media services are also there. So, the employees of your company can fetch data from various programs without hassles and this eventually speeds up workflow.


#8. Useful for data analysis

From time to time, your company may need to make changes in its promotional strategies and revamp the product line. Before making such vital changes, analysis of a lot of aspects like moves of rival companies, shifting customer preferences, demand for new and alternative products is necessary. Using a CRM system brings you an enormous amount of data for analysis. This helps you in charting out future strategies for the company.


#9. Paves way for better customer retention

When your company has a robust CRM solution in place, meeting customer needs and resolving their issues becomes easier and less time consuming. This makes the customers happy and they develop positive feeling about the brand eventually. So, using CRM solution helps in improving customer retention.


#10. Efficient teamwork and better resource sharing

When a suitable CRM solution is used by your organization, it helps improve team work and collaboration to large extent. As a matter of fact, customer information may be required by any teams in the company along with the support team. In fact, the support agents may have to interact with other team members for resolving customer queries or addressing their grievances at times. With the CRM solution in place, employees from different teams in the company face no problem in accessing common resource and sharing them. So, this leads to enhanced teamwork and collaboration between the teams. The employees need not waste time in issues related to sharing resources.


Summing it all up

A CRM solution is used primarily for storing the record of customers and updating their purchase information from time to time. However, it can be useful for the company in several ways. By leveraging the features of such solutions, you can analyze data, get insight on customer preferences and adopt suitable strategies to improve the revenue and customer base. Using such software can also be beneficial for the employees in the organization. They can collaborate better, share common resources and eventually this has a positive impact on their efficiency. Besides, using CRM solution helps your company serve the customers better and fulfill their requirements easily. This leads to better retention rate, increased revenue and positive brand image. However, it is also important that you invest in a suitable CRM solution and pick one after comparing and assessing the popular contenders.



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