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Team Chat App: 4 Reasons You Need Them In Business

By: Elanora Brown

Tired of sifting through a heap of emails while trying to find the right one? Thanks to chat apps, you can manage your communication a lot better. There is no need to circulate several emails and then archive them in folders.  The best team chat apps come loaded with many features which can be used in different circumstances. Here are some compelling reasons to go with one:


1. Convenience

Use of such an app brings a lot of conveniences as it cuts the travel time drastically. The company’s expenditure on traveling to remote places, waste of time and money to discuss important matters is reduced to the monthly internet bill. Most of the interactions can be done within the office premises using a VOIP app (e.g., flock). You can speak to many people at the same time using the group chat feature and instant messaging.

Group Chat

It makes broadcasting a breeze. You just have to click on the contacts to which you have to send a message to and type it. This way, you can send a message to all the team members in one go. Besides, if you want to speak to a certain set of team members, you can easily start a group chat in the chat room.

Instant Messaging

Personal messaging has come a long way. While since instant messaging has been in use in the corporate environment for a while, team chat apps offer enhanced services, for instance you can use these apps to send files as well.


2. Virtual Teams

These apps have led to a new set of employees who don’t need an office to work. They are employees who work throughout the day over the team chat app rendering their precious services. With such people in the team interacting with the help of video calls, the overall cost of doing business comes down. Besides, those countries with a skill shortage can increasingly look forward to hiring people across the globe. With the help of the best team chat apps, working on projects together, assigning tasks and checking their progress becomes easy.


3. Reduction In Costs

Another reason to go for team apps is the cost reduction that they bring along. You don’t have to spend money on expensive hardware and making expensive ISD calls. With VoIP based messaging, the days where you had to wait for emails are long gone! . Almost every form of communication is instantaneous.


4. Enhanced Business

When your team uses these apps to solve business problems in real-time using the video conferencing functionality, it significantly improves the satisfaction of customers.  You can see it in the revenue of the business as well. As employees become more tech-savvy using apps like video-conferencing, it enhances the brand-image as well.


That’s It

You need the best team chat app to make sure that you are ahead with the right kind of technology by your side which in turn reduces costs as well.


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