Stay at Home Mom? Here are 5 Clever Ways you can Make Money Online

By: Sean19891

Staying at Home Mom? Being a mother is one of the greatest pleasures anyone could experience in a lifetime. However, being a single mother and at the same time, the sole bread earner of a family can drive anyone to the edge. You are constantly hounded by the need to balance work and child-rearing, to attend your baby without lapsing while making sure the piggy bank does not go empty, and to experience the joys of motherhood without sacrificing your career in the process. Such polar possibilities take a gargantuan amount of strength and expert management skill to master.

Unfortunately, most of the stay-at-home mothers cannot find the perfect moneymaking opportunities, due to which, they are either duped by lowly startups or forced to live hand-to-mouth on credit. But not you. Yes, you, my dear reader, have luck by your side. You have stumbled upon the perfect post, which will quell your financial anxieties and address your very valid moneymaking concerns. Check out the following clever ways by which you can easily make bucks while raising your child from home. Choose the ones that appeal to your unique needs the best.


Online Tutoring

To be honest, online courses have become quite the rage these days, with students from all over the world and belonging to all sorts of gradients flying to paid or free course sites like Coursera or Udemy etc. for fulfilling their thirst to know. You can actually monetize this trend if you have a knack for tutoring and carry a good certification to support your skillset. Create a course online on the right hosting platform, set a session fee and make money daily! Not only that, you can help major businesses craft their specific courses and make $95 or so through it. The possibilities of making money through online education are endless!


Virtual Assisting

This job requires good organizational and time-management skills. If you’ve got those up your sleeve, then it should be no biggie for you. All you have to do is assist business executives with their calls, emails, tasks, reminders etc. right from the comfort of your home. The best thing about this line of work is that it’s got a flexible time policy, which means you can either work late (when the children are asleep) or in the wee afternoon hours (when they’re away at school). A solid internet connection and a reliable phone system (Check: Windstream phone) is a MUST to establish seamless connectivity.


Survey Filling

There’s a whole cluster of sites out there that pay user circles to give their opinions regarding market products, videos or some such new concepts, via surveys. You can join multiple paid survey websites at a time, and spend your day filling them from the comfort of your couch. A stable internet connection is a given. Some of the most famous survey sites are, SurveyJunkie (the oldest and the most reputable), InboxDollars (gives a $5 bonus just to join up), Toluna (has 8 million members already), Vindale Research ($100 per survey) and SwagBucks etc.


Craft Selling

If you are one of those people who love to work with their hands, then you can literally run a store right from the four walls of your room. Online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon Handmade etc. empower stay-at-home mothers to open a virtual store, set up their unique craft designs and finalize transactions without having to compromise their child-rearing responsibilities. Such stores can procure tens of thousands of dollars for the store owner with a small commission from the sales going to the marketplace.


Home Renting

Traveling is a passion-fueled activity, the hype of which never dies down, irrespective of time or age. People love to get out of their houses, and journey to places far and wide. They book either hotels or more recently, local homes, as their accommodation. You can participate in this trend, by putting up portions of your home online over sites like Airbnb or etc. and make a little money on the side this way.

So, if you are out of ideas concerning moneymaking from home, and are a single mom, then do consider the aforementioned ways, boiled down just for you.


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