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Something Huge to Look Forward to With the New Android P Coming this Year

By: Nishtha Singh

Android powers thousands of millions of mobile devices in over 190 countries all over the world. It is the biggest installed base of any mobile platform and growing rapidly. Each day, another million users power up Android devices for the first time and begin looking for apps, digital content and games.

Android is considered as the most popular operating system in the world today. It provides a world-class platform for building apps and games for Android users anywhere in the world, and open a marketplace for distributing to them immediately.

The main reason why Android development has become widespread is because the apps developed in the operating system are used on all smart phones. The moment a developer just develops a new app in the OS, he or she could upload it on Google Play Store and get the business going. With its huge and tremendous popularity worldwide, the platform has not only provided ease and convenience to mobile device users, but it has also provided plenty of career opportunities for developers.

The Profitability Of Anroid Application Development

The profitability of Android apps on Google play has been steadily growing improving. These days, there are more ways of making money via an Android app, be it for business or individual purposes. Furthermore, smart strategies could help get a good return on investment.

An Android app development company could deliver app services that meet the particular requirements of an organization. For big organizations and enterprises, there’s no question of making money from an Android app when they are developing applications for internal corporate use. Such applications are not sold, they don’t have ads and don’t people to purchase anything. The goal of such an app is to help a business organization simplify its business process, boost efficiency and simplify work. For such businesses, if the application succeeds in achieving the particular target, spending money on developing the app is worthwhile. Mobile software development has become a lucrative career option indeed.

Android P In 2018, Something Big To Look Forward To

Android P is out to steal the high-end crown of iPhone. Apple still remains dominant in the high-end phone market, but this may be about to change. A recent article in Bloomberg once again brought it back to attention. It reported that Google plans to win some of the share of Apple in the high-end phone market with major interface changes in Android P, also known as Android 9. This is going to be the next major Android version, and likely to debut in a Pixel 3, or similar phone later this year.

The appearance of Android, and much of its web interfaces is based on Material Design. The concept was introduced in 2014, along with Android 5.0L. It has not changed all very much since. It’s simple, flat and colorful. The impact that Material Design had was huge, and has been quite successful in building the first step of a cohesive experience. Material design has extensive usage of animations, over usage of colors, shapes and images and it could be at times distracting.

What Android P Would Be Called

Based on the Bloomberg report, the internal code name for Android P is ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’, but this is not likely to be the official name. It would be unveiled at Google I/O in May, but would be released probably around August or at the very least September. As ever, it would come to official Google devices ahead of third-party ones, from the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony.

Changing colors and application icon shapes don’t constitute a radical design. An Android application developer or developers would have to create their own application animation in Android applications. The result is a form of a user experience fragmentation within the Android platform. Some app developers build high-quality transitions, while others do not, which lead to an unresponsive feel, which used to permeate Android during its early years.

What To Expect From Android P

  • Design. The Notch is coming. Android P, may look familiar to iPhone X users. Google reportedly would embrace an interface that integrates the polarizing notch, which contains the premium front-facing camera system of the iPhone in a display, which otherwise is bezel-free. Bloomberg stated that the decision is intended to woo owners of iPhone who prefer the design of Apple.
  • Google Assistant. It would be faster better and smarter. Android P also is expected to integrate more tightly with Google Assistant, in an effort of dominating other digital assistants. According to Bloomberg, Google would open up Assistant to third-party developers, much the same to what Amazon has done with Alexa, thus one could ask Google Assistant to do tasks in non-Google applications. Google is also rumored to be contemplating on adding a Google Assistant search bar on the home screen.
  • P is for Privacy. As Android stands at present, once an app is given the permission to access microphones or cameras, it could use these tools whenever it pleases. This may change however, as 9to5Google reports that submissions of code show that Android P would block applications that run in the background from accessing the camera and the microphone. Applications which try to use cameras without the owner’s knowledge would shut down and send and error, while those attempting to record audio would capture a blank sound until the application is opened.

When it comes to the profitability of Android application development, it is without doubt that there’s always a bright future for an Android app developer. People worldwide using smart phone request for better aps and want to update existing ones, which in turn created a big scope for android app development, particularly in India. Android has become very popular, being open source. It’s designed in such a way that it lets developers and device manufacturers change the software design, based on their needs. Now is a great time to develop apps for the Android operating system, particularly with the up and coming Android P, which is set to dominate the mobile device world this year.


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