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Some Handy Tips to Get Hold of a Good Business Broker

By: andrewthompson

Selling a small business at a high price is an outcome of years of persistence and dedication and most importantly every entrepreneur’s dream. Finding buyers to sell a business can be challenging if one lacks unsolicited offers or is not in the hot industry. A choice to gain access towards structured selling processes and a vast pool of buyers is to consider hiring the services of a business broker.


Business Broker Defined

A business broker is akin to real estate agents. They offer the match-making solution to bring together sellers and buyers. An ideal business broker will assist a business in attaining a sale price of the highest potential.


Tips to Find the Best Business Broker

To identify the most exceptional business broker will require that one takes some necessary steps namely,


Get Referrals

It is best to go with referrals from reliable and trusted sources. It is good to ask one’s accountant, peers, lawyer and also industry association for an ideal business broker.



The IBBA or the International Business Brokers Association or IBBA is a business brokers non-profit trade association offering networking opportunities, professional designations, conferences, and education. It contains more than 1000 business intermediaries across the globe. So, checking the IBBA can help.


Practice Due Diligence

One needs to exercise due diligence just as a potential buyer of their company. It is vital to examine the credentials, experience, and background of the broker and also check if there are any complaints or lawsuits against them.


Look for a Dedicated Practitioner

Any business broker that spends the maximum time to sell a business will add higher value to the sales transaction compared to a part-time broker. Those working full time along with bringing in the best network of contacts will also have the right understanding concerning the principles and goals of business valuation. Look for a broker who is dedicated and highly professional. For instance, in the case of Sunshine Coast Businesses for Sale, it is best to look for a dedicated practitioner.


Keep a Secret

One should avoid suppliers and critical staff and not reveal to them regarding the sale of the business. It should be an extremely confidential matter. The business broker must ensure every safeguard is in place for protecting their company. A single word to the customer, employee or supplier that one is selling the company will have repercussions on their business operations.


Provide a Marketing Plan

The truth is selling a business is everything about marketing. Positioning the company sale accurately for attracting and motivating maximum buyers should be their goal. The business broker thus must have a marketing plan that also includes advertising strategy details for attracting maximum prospective buyer leads.


Avoid the Pressure

One should never allow their business broker in putting them in a highly pressured situation. Avoid making any hasty decisions here. The selling of a business is a highly complex transaction, professionally and personally. The bottom line is in investing time for learning and clarifying all uncertainties.

If one follows these tips, sincerely then nothing can stop them from hiring the best business broker.


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