Be Snappy and Not Tacky: Try These Superb Tactics to Boost Your Work Output

By: andylim

Most of us have the experience of feeling more focused and motivated whenever we are spruced up for work. But a new study reveals that what we dress for work can certainly affect how productive we are as well.

Want to know how to dress up for peak performance?

Here are few approaches to making a wardrobe that will help you remain fashionable and productive, no matter where you are working.

Try to Streamline Your Fashion

One alternative to attain mental comfort is to determine what you put on in alignment with what is most favorable in your workplace and simply go for it.

Limited fidgeting as well as mental distractions about whether you measure up aesthetically clears the mind and enables you to concentrate on the current duty at hand. The easiest way to do it is to establish a professional character for yourself and establish a visual individuality around it.

Are you the traditionally stylish financial services specialist? Or are you a free-spirited entrepreneur in trendy silhouettes?

It is always excellent to think in a creative way about what you wear, but it is even better to intentionally picture your ideal workplace look, then simplify and streamline on a regular basis, and leave the artistic idea for your work process.

Create Visual Perimeters


Transitioning from off-duty or rest mode into work form is both a physical and mental shift and the one in which the physical aspect leads is mental.

If you tend to work in an office consistently and only works from home occasionally, then it is essential to sustain some consistency in attire, even when you are only at home.

You might not desire to wear your full office attire while you are in the comfort and warmth of your home, but shifting into something that can help in reminding your body that it is still at work mode can minimize the chance of cleaning your cookhouse when you critically need to be concentrating on work-related activities.

Establishing a sartorial difference between when it is the time to work and the moment to rest can help promote better concentration as well as productivity.

Remember to have one particular clothing you constantly put on to work mode. Be it your formal footwear in Deal Wiki or your collared tops, any piece of your apparel to stimulate your mind into the work mode regardless where you are working.

Determine Your Suit and Tie or White Coat



Putting on symbolically favorable apparels, such as a physician’s white coat or an attorney’s suit and tie, can truly boost attention span.   

What is the counterpart of a white coat or suit and tie in your industry? By wearing statement jewelry? Or a blazer perhaps? It is best to recognize it and stick to it as regularly as possible.


Clothes consistently influence the wearer’s psychological processes which signify that clothes are not merely a means of perception, but a medium that can essentially influence on how you perceive yourself. Eventually, what will matter is your effectivity in your work and not the dress code of the company alone.



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