SMO And Its Relationship With Search Engine Optimization

By: Isabella

Also known as social media optimization, SMO is perfect outlet used for generating public awareness to any product, service or even event. Some of the major examples of social media are social news, RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, and some of the social networking channels like Twitter, video sharing websites, Facebook and some other blogging sites. In terms of generating some web traffic, SMO works more or less like SEO. It works well for increasing website awareness.

In a generic sense, SMO mainly refers to website optimization and its content for encouraging more users to use and even share links to website across various networking sites and social media. SMO further refers to some software tools for automating the process. It is perfect for website experts to undertake such procedure for their respective clients.


The primary goal of SMO

SMO goal is to create some interesting online based content strategically, right from the well-written texts to some of the eye-catching video clips for enticing people to properly engage with the website. Later, they will share the content through a web link with social media friends and contacts. Some of the common examples of social media optimization will be commenting and liking on posts, re-tweeting, sharing, embedding and promoting some content.

Social media optimization is also another effective example of implementing ORM. It means if someone posts any bad review about business it is time for SMO strategy to ensure that negative feedback is not always the first link to come up in SERPs.


SMO and its bond with SEO

Right now, social media optimization is well becoming an increasingly important factor in the field of social media optimization. It is mainly a procedure of website designs in ways, which has high ranked on search engines. At this present moment, search engines are utilizing user’s recommendations to rank their respective pages in SERPs. So the next time whenever the website is shared or liked by any user from social networking sources, it will be counted as a vote towards a website’s growing quality.

  • Therefore, search engines can be well used for those votes, to rank the websites properly in SERPs. Moreover, as it is quite difficult to top the scales or even influence search engines in your own way, search engines can help in putting some extra stock into the current social search.
  • So, coupling it with personalized search depending on location and interests has well increased the popularity of the social media presence in the SEO sector. Due to the current personalized search results, some of the location-based social media have grown in importance too.
  • After relating SEO with SEM, there is some differentiation to come across. Most of the time, SMO focuses on driving some of the web traffic from sources, which are other than search engines, even though when you have search engine ranking as beneficial results from successful SMO.
  • On the other hand, you can use SMO for targeting some geographical locations for reaching out to potential customers. It helps in the current lead generation role, further contributing to higher conversion rates.


Rules related to SMO

The SMO concept is quite simple. Its main aim is to provide changes for optimizing a webpage or site for easier linking. It helps in gaining higher visibility in social media searches on some of the customized search engines and added in some relevant posts like vlogs, blogs, and even podcasts.

  • Start to increase current linkability

This is the top-notch priority for websites. There are multiple sites, which are static. Those sources are regularly updated for storefront usability. For social media site optimization, you have to increase content-based linking ability. Adding a perfect blog is quite an amazing step. The market has some other ways like creating some white papers and thought pieces. You can even aggregate content, which might exist elsewhere into a useful format.

  • Try to make bookmarking and tagging easy

Adding some of the content features can make the tagging process quite easier. However, you have to ensure that each page has its share of suggested notes for linking, relevant tags and ensure that your pages are tagged on some of the popular bookmarking sites too.

  • Helping you great with the content travel

Unlike much of the SEO services, SMO is not quite about making slight changes in any site. Whenever you have any content in hand, which is made portable like video files, PDF, and even audio files, submitting the same to some relevant sites can help content travel further. It helps in driving links back to site ultimately.

  • Rewarding the current inbound links

Primarily used as a barometer for the success of any blog, inbound links are known as paramount to rise up in search results and cover the entire rankings. To encourage some of them, you have to make the task a lot easier and offer some of the clear rewards. Right from using Permalinks to recreating something quite similar to it, you have to work on that well. You further have to list some of the recent linking based blogs on site for offering the reward for visibility to those planning to link up to you.

  • Try encouraging the mash-up

In this current world of co-creation, it actually pays to be quite open about letting other people use content and within reason. The idea of video networking sites to provide code to cut and paste for embedding videos from site has fueled growth well. Trying to syndicate content through RSS can make it rather easy for others to create some mash-ups for driving more traffic or augment the content.


Once you start focusing more towards SMO, you will come across multiple rules and techniques to uncover with time. That will make the service rather sophisticated. You can further start looking for some new ideas revolving around social media optimization service for encouraging better thinking. There are some agencies, which are devoted to the world of SMO only. You can head for best teams like Social Market Way for a better result in the SMO market.


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