SEO Tools Software: 10 Best Free & Paid Tools Of 2018

By: Sunder Singh

SEO is one of the most effective ways of improving your site’s organic search ranking. Webmasters should make SEO practices an ongoing process to identify new opportunity with a goal to gain free traffic and take their online business to the next level. SEO is however never a simple task for digital marketers, and it requires investment in terms of both time and money. There are numerous SEO tools available to simplify the complex SEO process some of which are paid for while some are free. We have compiled a list of ten very important and effective SEO tools that will help modern digital marketers run and assess their marketing strategies in 2018.

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This is one of the widely used SEO tools and probably the best rank tracker by Serbook. The modern SEO tool offers highly useful features at the right price with plans starting at $9.95 per month. Serpbook is super-fast and is flexible with regard to the number of domains you can add. It allows rank tracking across the 3 main search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing and it provides the following features:

    • Google maps, YouTube, local and regional ranks monitoring.
    • Daily and on-demand keyword rankings changes updates.
    • Mobile keyword tracking.
  • Integration with third party tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Keyword suggestions.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Scheduled and customizable email template and reporting.
  • White label PDF and Excel reports.
  • API Access to raw data and calling.

The fundamental benefits of the Serpbook rank checker are that it provides a clear picture of how your pages and keywords ranks with time and the opportunity to test and adjust your SEO methods. It also adds notes to the history charts which you can permanently refer to when establishing a new campaign. You can check the tool using the free 14 days trial version which expires immediately after the two weeks.



A perfect tool for mid and large sized businesses with a premium features 2 weeks free trial and pro plans starting $69 per month. Its features enable you to discover keyword difficulties, analyse competitor’s advertisement plans like link building, organic and paid search. It helps you determine on-page health and keyword rankings guiding your global marketing campaigns. With SEMRush, you can also analyze Ads and keywords vis traffic, SERP rankings, CPC and competition score.



Moz is the 2018 SEO software that mainly focuses on workflow, page optimization and reporting. Some of the Moz unique features are keyword tracing in over 200 countries, search visibility score, mobile tags monitoring, geographical keyword ranking tracing and target keyword research feature. It is also one of the best web crawler that performs quick web audit to expose issues in content and broken links among other crawling issues.



Ahrefs uses exceptionally advanced tools to keep track of brand mentions, keywords and backlinks as well as competitors’ SEO efforts so as to improve your campaigns. It has full feature 14 days trial and premium personal and agency plans ranging from $99 to $2500 per month but the price is worth the benefits. Some of the Ahrefs features include:

  • Position exploration – finds and shows all the competitors keywords and their rankings to help you identify the keywords that are ranking high in your industry.
  • Keywords rank tracking – It tracks your keywords rankings across all countries and languages and generates weekly and monthly reports to help you evaluate your digital marketing performance.
  • Site audit – It surveys a website and identifies backlink profile for the specific site or URL.
  • Alerts – Sends alert notifications in case of changes of additions in the competitor’s backlinks and traces their sources. It also notifies you of your brand mentions as well as rivals mentions online.
  • Content monitoring – It helps you to established a content strategy and link building strategies.


iWeb Tool

Though limited in the number of features, iWeb is one of the free online SEO software that allows you to track your keywords rankings. It is a web-based tool where you enter the domain name and the target keywords and it generates a list of your ranking positions for the different keywords. It is quite user friendly.



This is one of the most accepted by webmasters in 2018 and it is totally free. The SEO tool provides reports convenience covering titles, headings, page size, keywords and loading time and backlinks. It also helps improve content optimization and overall site performance using content consistency and 404 error statistics. It checks your rivals’ popularity on SMM and also reveals your competitors SEO tools and technologies.



If you are looking forward to increase your site traffic, CognitiveSEO can be very helpful. It offers exclusive digital marketing strategy analysis and various suggestions on how to improve your SEO performance through its over 30 metrics dashboard, link management and backlink monitoring. It provides 10 keywords to 400 keywords monitoring depending on the plan. The Pro plan starts at $99 and provides analysis on over 25 prominent sites in your industry.


Site Analyzer

It provides simple and elaborate SEO reviews with clear suggestions on how to boost your site performance. It helps in SEO crawling, SEO benchmark, site by site SEO comparison and webpage analysis.



The free SEO tool fixes on-page issues and optimizes your keywords based on downloadable tracking reports. It is very valuable and useful.



Analyzes your site and generates suggestions to improve your rankings. Features include web audit, reviews analysis, and optimization suggestions. Quicksprout features include SEO audit, Keyword management, website crawling and SEO monitoring for free.

The above tools and many other are useful in various ways. Your choice should be informed by the specific needs you have as well as your budget. You should go for the tool that is best suited for your business and online ventures and is easy to use.


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