Reshaping The Business With Digital Workplace Trends

By: algomez

We have come to an age where the workplace is no longer defined as the 4-walled office. A place where people traditionally work under the same roof is no longer the only definition of the workplace. These days, a workplace is no longer limited to a physical place. With the all the changes in the industry, people are now starting to embrace the shift from physical to digital workplace.

Shifting to the digital workplace is more than just a change in technology. As much technology has affected most aspects of people’s lives, cultural change and yearning for more knowledge also have been major contributors on why businesses are starting to shift focus to the digital workplace.

Let’s take a look at the trends that have paved the way towards the digital workplace journey.

The Rising Gig Economy

Gig economy is the economy which offers workforce model that gives people freedom. It is an environment where short-term workers or freelancers are prevalent.

As the number of people who are willing to work remotely is increasing, the idea of having a digital workplace is also getting mainstream. More and more business have now adopted digital workplace tools to cater experienced and talented workforce which prefer to work on their own, in any way they want it.

By 2020, US freelance workforce is expected to exceed 40% of the total workforce. It is not impossible for businesses with physical workplace to experience a scarcity of skills and talents if they would stick with the traditional workplace. To sustain growth, business owners need to incorporate digital workplace model in their organization to sustain growth.

The Need For Speed

A digital workplace helps organizations to meet the expectations of the market by increasing productivity through a reshaped environment. The digital workplace is the next step towards a faster and more convenient way of doing the jobs and meets deadlines.  According to a report from Forbes, work-from-home employees are generally happy compared to office workers. They feel more valued. The majority of them believe that they can finish more work when working remotely.

Moreover, as technology burst out with innovations, consumer’s behavior also changes. Most consumers expect businesses to cater their needs in a fast-paced manner. And as businesses struggle to meet their growing demands, it is time for them to engage in a digital workplace where communication and collaboration are easier.

Millennial Workforce Domination

Undeniably, millennials have helped reshaped the new face of the workplace. By 2020, they will reach about 50% of the total workforce. As they become a force to reckon with in the working world, expect many digital and technological changes to happen.

The Gen Y employees are social creatures and digital savvies. They are born in the age where technology and digital communication are on its hype. This generation grows in advanced technology and very diverse culture and they demand flexibility. They seek for a social technology which can give them the opportunity to collaborate with each other without organizational hierarchies.

No wonder they are considered as the main drivers in the transformation of the workplace. By now the youngest Gen X labor force, the generation before Gen Y, is about the age of 37. As they become an aging workforce, it is not the right time for businesses to oppose the demands of the growing millennials. They are the drivers of the digital workplace revolution which businesses have no other choice but to adapt.

The Need For Seamless Management And Communication

The world itself is a giant storage of big data. As generations after generations acquire more and more knowledge, the traditional workplace suffers an information overload. It would be difficult for businesses to figure out what they need and how they would find it. Sticking to traditional workplace makes it hard for businesses to meet the growing needs of the market.

With this new and digital approach in the workplace, businesses can find their focus. Using digital tools including communication and collaboration software, applications and programs, businesses can find a leeway to reorganize their focus. Businesses can attract more talents from other regions. Likewise, these increase employee retention and satisfaction, increase productivity and efficiency and still work as one cohesive unit even if face-to-face interaction isn’t present.

What’s All Of These Mean For Your Business

Digital workplace gives you a lot of opportunities to unleash your full potential. It opens doors to greater business opportunities from different parts of the globe. Your geographical location will not restrict business growth. With technology, communication is not limited to phone calls, snail mails or emails; thus, it gives you the freedom to choose how, when and where you want to connect your business with people and other business.

So, as you climb up the business ladder, there is no excuse for you not to embrace the big change. For now, digital workplace is not yet common; it can be daunting to adopt. However, in the near future, it could be the new norm for businesses like yours.

So you can either embrace the change and move forward or turn it down and be stagnant. It is up to you to decide which path you choose.

Final Thoughts                  

Traditional tools are not the only resources in this present-day industries. Through combining new knowledge with technologies, businesses have torn down the barriers that separate flexibility and business productivity.

The digital transformation seems to have no stop. Hence, it may be safe to say that sooner or later the main measure of business success will be the ability of the business to address the existing challenges that separate people with technology.


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