How to Prepare for IIT Exam 2018? Here’re Expert Guides

By: Naveen

Do you know whether lakhs of students appear for IIT entrance exam every year for only thousands of seats available in IITs? It seems to be really difficult to crack the exam and be an IITIAN.

Many students have the same attitude when it comes to preparing for any competitive exam like IIT. I wonder why they give an excuse by playing the game of number of candidates vs. number of seats in colleges.

I am damn sure those meritorious and studious never think so. Of course, you should think of just one seat, i.e. you are fighting for capturing just a single seat from thousands of seats. That is the positive attitude. Nothing is difficult or tough, but how you accept it makes it so.

Here’re some expert guides to prepare for IIT Exam 2018.


Mathematics is the foundation of science and engineering field. You should follow these tricks and tips in the IIT exam.

You should pay more attention to Vectors and 3D. Previous IIT entrance question papers suggest for Complex Numbers and Definite Integral. These are the topics asked repeatedly. By staying familiar with the complex numbers, you can solve the geometry problems too. You can also use integral calculus to simplify the problems. The trick is to gain complete knowledge about different conic sections. Learn to break down tougher questions to simpler basic ones and then, solve the question.  You can also use matrices to solve equations and graphs to solve Algebra in less time.


Don’t neglect the mechanics in the exam preparation. A large number of questions are asked from this topic too. A majority of questions is related to Particle Dynamics and Kinematics. To achieve good scores, lay emphasis on many topics, including Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics. In addition, you should cover Thermodynamics too both in Physics and Chemistry, as it an important topic. It is advisable to consider it after mastering Wave Optics.


In Inorganic Chemistry, there are two elements that should be emphasized. They are Chemical Bonding and Coordination Chemistry. You can find in model papers that most questions are from the concepts of processes, structure and applications. In the Organic Chemistry, you should focus on Stereochemistry, General section, and Functional Group Analysis. Going ahead, Speed matters in Chemistry are also important.

Practice questions with applied knowledge and conceptual clarity of concepts and go long way to solve the programs of Chemistry questions. It is advisable to give special attention to topics like Mole concepts, Chemical Equilibrium and Electrochemistry.

Online IIT Entrance Question Papers

Previous year question papers are a great tool to prepare for IIT entrance exam in 2018. You should attempt all the questions asked in the last year papers, understand the concepts, consider what subjects are covered, and focus on the question paper patterns. Most important point is to ensure how much time you are taking to solve a question paper. Categorize the questions based on easy, complex and most complex.  Do more work on the most complex questions to make them easier.

Cracking IIT Exam Question Papers

From Visually.

Online is the most reliable and easy-to-access platform to find the IIT entrance question papers of previous years.


The bottom line is that cracking IIT entrance exam is not that easy. But, if you understand the concept and increase your speed, chances are you will clear the test. After all, you have to occupy just a single seat thousands of seats in IIT colleges in the country. Do remember to concentrate on the topics mentioned above. It will help you be well-prepared for the 2018 IIT Entrance Exam.


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