Popular Destinations You Must Visit When on a Trip Around the United States

By: silvia_watson

The USA is a diverse land where you will find cities, landscapes, mountains, hamlets and more. The nation is known for some of its most outstanding tourist destinations in the world. In short, if you visit the USA, you will find there is something for every type of traveler in the nation.

The following are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA:

1. Las Vegas located in Nevada

This city is ideally suited for entertainment and casino games all night long. Some fancy hotels and restaurants are located here. There are bars, and swimming pools targeted for everyone of all ages.

2. San Francisco located in California

This city is known for its climate, and you can see many wineries, art deco and drives with lovely natural scenery here. The music scene is also good, and you can see bars that are lively and colorful as well. TVG upcoming races in California is famous and at the same time entertaining for you if you are fond of horses. You can also visit stables and watch them in action.

3. Orlando in Florida

It is a vacation spot that the Disney theme and has many exciting and fun adventures for the entire family. The prices of the hotel are affordable, and you can enjoy the holiday with the whole family.

4. New Orleans in Louisiana

You are able to get golf, excitement, and fun after Mardi Gras. You should enjoy Creole cuisine, the Po boys, and the mint juleps. You are able to enjoy jazz in the night, and there are many festivals for you to attend.

5. Denver in Colorado

You can come here to the Botanic Gardens, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Coors Brewery and Denver Zoo. You should also visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and the US Mint in the nation.

6. Anchorage in Alaska

This place is ideal for you and your entire family. You can visit the water park that is located indoors like H2Oasis. You can visit Alaska Wildfire Conservation Center. There are walking tours, fairs and festivals, outdoor activities, scenic day drives and other activities that you can do for the trip to the Anchorage.

7. San Antonio in Texas

Both you and your family are able to enjoy at the San Antonio Zoo, SeaWorld San Antonio and Six Flags San Antonio.

8. Hershey in Pennsylvania

This place has the famous Chocolate World and the Hershey Park, and not to mention The Antique Auto Museum.

9. Honolulu in Hawaii

There are sand beaches that are white with beautiful skies. If you are interested in Pearl Harbor National Monument and USS Missouri Memorial. You can also try out yoga during sunset.

10. Seattle

It is a metropolitan city that houses one of the biggest ports in the nation. There are jazz nightclubs you can visit. It is also a vibrant hub for minerals and natural resources.

Therefore, when it comes to the top 10 tourist destinations in the USA, the above is some of the places that you must visit alone and with your family.


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