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All That an Order Taking Call Center Agent Should Do

By: AngelaHooper

There is no denial to the fact that there are an array of front office processes which every business outsources. These tasks are quite repetitive and don’t really require any extraordinary qualification or experience. Still, they are integral to the growth of every business. One such outsourcing function is that of order taking.

Clearly, the first impression matters a lot no just in the context of personal like but in professional life as well. For every business, to propel, it is essential to leave a first good impression on the potential customer and sustain it throughout.

For a company, one of the first opportunities to leave a good impression on the customers is over call, when they place an order. Dealing with them in the best manner possible is a good way to make them all the more assured of their decision to invest in your product or service.

Though taking an order may seem to be quite easy, it does require the presence of certain traits and technological knowledge. Every customer is valuable for your business. Keeping this fact in mind, we have listed a few things that the agents of

Be prepared

A new and inexperienced agent needs it the most. He needs to prepare himself to answer at least few of the basic questions. For this, it is quintessential for them to stay under the guidance of an experienced representative. As a manager, you should make seating arrangement such that every new agent sits beside the experienced one. Whenever they will face some problem in talking to a caller, the agent beside him will assist. This makes the new agent learn things quickly and the customer experience also doesn’t get affected by the behavior of the new inexperienced agent.

Use your qualities optimally

The scripts are prepared after analyzing the behavior of different consumers and different problems. They are indeed really helpful for an agent in the beginning. But as an order taking call center agent starts getting a hold of his responsibilities over the call, he should start using the knowledge he has attained by attending so many calls. Give prompt response and don’t sound confused. If required, make some changes in the script provided to you as by doing so, you might just end up making more customers happy with the services of your company.

Give necessary information

Many times agents are in a hurry to end the call so as to improve their average call handling time. This haste deteriorates the quality of the call and the customer experience greatly.  The agents don’t pay much heed to the questions of the caller and end up giving them the wrong answers or the very brief ones. This incomprehension makes many callers change their mind. The callers before placing an order mostly have certain queries regarding the return policy, the refund, or the size etc.  Thus, an order taking call center employee should answer each of the queries in the right way- politely in an assuring manner and should also share the right amount of information required. Not too much and not too less.

Avoid saying no repeatedly

Apparently, there are some demands and queries which cannot be met by you or the company and the only answer you can give to such callers is a no. So, it is okay to say no sometimes but using this repeatedly while talking to the customer will cast a very bad impression.

Your company obviously doesn’t want to take down even a single order. Do you? So, instead of denying maker your agents learn the art of persuasion. Ask them to use sentences like “We are really sorry but currently we cannot fulfill your requirement, however, we have a solution. If you like we can………..” Just strive to come with an alternative so that they don’t cancel their thought of ordering your product or service altogether. Offer them discounts, give them something similar to the product they wanted. Just turn the table by changing the demand you cannot fulfill an opportunity by telling them what other better things you can do for them.


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