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Oracle Database Has the Attributes of a Market Leader: Remote DBA Expert Explains

By: andrewthompson

Data is supposed to be the connective tissue that derives unique intelligence from a host of external sources for creating unified actions throughout a wide range of channels and systems. Data has emerged as the layer of intelligence that is constantly enriching the dynamic world of applications. However, it could be a really cumbersome and challenging process for businesses to gain access to data and then transform it into a fiercely competitive advantage. Oracle helps businesses to effectively leverage the wide variety and volume of external data.

Databases are regarded as the real workhorses of the IT systems of your company. Nothing must be given more importance than the effective maintenance of your database. Most large organizations choose Oracle, the leading DBMS that has completely revolutionized the IT scenario. Today, organizations are more than willing to invest in qualified Oracle professionals because Oracle is supposed to be the most effective and proficient database provider. Oracle certainly enjoys an edge over all other databases because of the following.

  • Oracle is truly versatile and could be running on all important platforms including Windows and other networking protocols.
  • Oracle is known for supporting online backup, as well as, recovery.
  • It is a treasure trove of development tools that cover different phases of the growth or development cycle.
  • Oracle could be supporting large databases that may include numbers and characters.
  • Oracle is an excellent database for supporting cursors that assist in making programming definitely easier.
  • Oracle is known to provide data meant precisely for supporting object-based database storage.

Oracle is definitely the automatic choice for a majority of the big companies as it is the undisputed market leader, as far as, the Linux platform is concerned. The current Oracle version is known to support manifold versions of Linux, UNIX, and Windows. There is a host of optimized tools that are most effective for proper database administration that would be aiding competent data management including migration. Here are some prominent reasons that would clearly prove the superiority of Oracle over its competitors.



In Sync with Cutting-Edge Technology

Oracle has always focused on staying abreast with manifold cutting-edge technologies such as ‘JavaScript Object Notation’ or JSON & Multi-Tenancy for wider IT cloud adoption. Oracle presently is known to use an effective in-memory columnar tech which would be enabling organizations to effectively speed up the overall performance of all your business analytics. Oracle effectively combines software and hardware for coming up with an incredibly high- performing database. Moreover, Oracle is fully-scalable. Oracle’s architecture would be featuring a unique and truly exceptional scale-out design that boasts advanced flash technology, smart storage, and a super-fast InfiniBand internal fabric. Visit for professional advice and perfect database solutions.


Affordable Pricing

Oracle is known to offer numerous benefits at highly reasonable prices. Oracle never charges any consulting fees. Some organizations go to the length of replicating Oracle software as they are of the mindset that Oracle is exorbitant for their business. However, it is high time they understood that initiating software, as well as, effectively maintaining it could prove to be remarkably more expensive as compared to purchasing it. They must not forget that when you develop new database software that comes with many features of Oracle, it would automatically involve developing, testing, documenting, and managing, etc. Numerous business owners are switching over to the versatile Oracle database gradually from other databases such as DB2 and Sybase simply because of its highly affordable price.


Diverse Index Types

Most databases have just a single index type. But with Oracle, you could get multiple index types. For example, DB2 is known for comprising just a single index type that would be automatically joining indexes throughout the execution process. However, this could prove to be extremely time-consuming as whenever the user has some query, the database would be required to effectively index the data. In this context, Oracle is way superior with multiple index types that would surely enable a relatively faster query process.


Perfect Delivery of Data

Oracle provides perfect data to all end users’ queries. It would be recreating the data before actually presenting the critical data to the user. When users present a query, some of the other databases would provide answers promptly but the answers may not be relevant to what precisely the end users are actually looking for. Oracle would provide correct data. Oracle has centralized data for improving its effectiveness. Oracle DaaS is meant for businesses and it provides a highly effective and centralized way of sourcing, managing, and furnishing data in an instantly consumable format to the business users.


Performance & Speed

While managing a huge database, performance and speed could be crucial for any business. Irrespective of how large the database, rest assured that Oracle would be providing the best speed for accessing the database. Oracle promises highest levels of both performance and speed. Oracle promises highest levels of performance and includes both transaction and locking controls that would be ensuring high levels of security for your organization’s data.


Hosted Model

Thanks to Oracle, all your clients could now have the capacity to host thousands of people. There is no point in allowing just a few people to utilize a database. Oracle offers efficient and superlative services to an extensive user base. Any open source database such as MySQL would often crash as such; businesses may suffer the loss of critical data. Loss of crucial business data could prove to be extremely damaging if no backup data is available. Oracle is known to employ the services of proficient remote DBA experts for managing and monitoring their client database. Oracle is highly-renowned for offering prompt recovery, adequate backup, high efficiency, and flawless data management. As such, even small organizations could recover their data effectively in the event of a data crash.



Oracle is known worldwide for offering proficient functionality to all its users. Many businesses are misled into thinking that a database is highly-efficient provided it is able to scan millions of rows very fast almost at lightning speed. But the hallmarks of a good database are bitmapped indexes, querying, and loading simultaneously, and rewriting the query. Oracle would be providing you with all these amazing key attributes. Moreover, Oracle database is known for providing a magical mix of integrated business solutions and highest levels of security for your business data. Since Oracle is compatible with corporations and businesses, they seem to be the frequent users of this popular database. Oracle currently dominates the bank industries and the corporate sector. Top ten banks worldwide are using Oracle for accessing and managing their data. Oracle is undoubtedly the best database solution for organizations with a mammoth amount of data for handling and accessing. Oracle has established its leadership and a firm foothold and is forging ahead relentlessly.


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