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How Not to Let Stress Overtake You and Spoil Your Life

By: jlucy668

There are many reasons for facing stress at work or at home, but irrespective of the actual cause, the effect of stress can be quite disruptive. It can affect your work as well as your social relationships, and in the long run, takes a heavy toll on your mental and physical health. Some tips on how you can control stress:

Lead an Active Life

While you will not be able to eliminate stress by exercising, you can be sure that by maintaining an active life, you will be able to significantly reduce the emotional intensity of the circumstances that you are dealing with. It will help to clear your mind and focus on the issue more calmly. By being busy most of your waking hours, you will not have the time to reflect on your problems and become depressed.

Take Control of Your Life

Sure, everyone has problems in their lives, but it becomes an issue only when you think that the problem is so large that you cannot manage it. By remaining passive, all you will be doing is to make your stress worse. When you keep on thinking that you have lost control over the situation, you will end up feeling more stressed, and it will start affecting your physical health. Try to be positive and figure out how you can solve the problem; the act of taking control can give you the confidence that you may actually find a solution.

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Seek Support

Whenever there is an issue that is stressing you out because you can’t figure out how to resolve it, you need to recognize the fact that even though it may be your problem, there could be many others who could help you out with their perspectives. The support can come from your workplace colleagues, friends, and family members. However, for this to happen, you need to reach out and seek the support instead of thinking that you are all alone. When you are with people you trust, you will be able to relax, find solutions jointly, and perhaps even have a good laugh that will dissolve much of the built-up tension.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

It is very common for people who are unable to handle stress to take to intoxicants or addictive substances like alcohol and drugs. While you may be able to forget about your worries temporarily with this avoidance behavior, these crutches will be of no use in the long run. Instead, you will have created new problems like addiction and health complications. To avoid becoming a double victim, maintain a rational mind and try to work out the problems logically.


The main factor in beating stress is to remain confident in your abilities. Leading an active life, connecting with people and being healthy will enable you to get on top of the situation.



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