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The Mobile Marketer: How to Use Your Smartphone to Boost Your Marketing Productivity

By: Sunder Singh

A mobile phone is a versatile device that practically everybody declares a necessity. In this digital age, no other compact and mobile device can perform as many functions as a mobile phone can. It is no surprise that marketing professionals simply cannot do without it.

Today’s smartphone is a reliable tool to have if you are a marketer, particularly one who is always on the move. If you own this device and it comes with a plan that offers daily internet, then it provides even more possibilities for your marketing activities.

To make the most of these possibilities, here are some of the clever ways you can use your smartphone to increase your productivity as a marketer.


1. Use it to communicate over social media in a more consistent manner

Consistency is a vital virtue for all marketers because it cultivates loyalty. Your ability to stay accessible whenever and wherever your target audience needs you speaks volumes about your commitment.

If you have a smartphone, you can stay logged into all social media platforms 24/7 and quickly respond to queries, as well as share updates. Timely responses always yield positive results such as stronger engagement and trust, and you can harness these with the help of your smartphone.


2. Use it to stay on top of your schedule

When you wish to boost your productivity, it is imperative to manage your schedule well. You want time to work to your advantage instead of against you, so you need to stay organized.

Your smartphone is the best device to help you stay on schedule. It has its own notes, clock and timer. Plus, there are numerous apps that you can download that will remind you of your tasks to do, when to do them, and even other important details regarding the tasks.

By using your smartphone as your personal secretary, there is a lower likelihood of you forgetting to do an important task and missing deadlines as well as profitable opportunities.


3. Use it to store your ideas

One of the admirable things about marketers is that their minds are always working and coming up with ideas.

Before the digital age, marketers used pen and paper to store such ideas, which wasn’t highly efficient. Thanks to a smartphone and apps like Evernote, Dropbox Paper and Google Keep, you can write down and store your ideas where you know you’ll easily find them.

Anytime you get a novel thought for marketing, you can just whip out your phone and create a note about it to help you remember or retrieve your brilliant idea.


4. Use it to easily collaborate with your team.

When you are on the move and you want to work with your fellow marketers on a piece of content you are working on, you can just use Google Drive, which is also accessible through mobile devices.

Google Drive is a cloud-based program; one amazing fact about it is that it is a live editing app. You can automatically see input or suggestions from the people you have shared the document with.

Therefore, whatever content you may currently be working on (be it a document, slide or chart), it can achieve its best version with the help of your team and, of course, your smartphone.


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