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Mobile App Development: From idea to deployment and beyond

By: JuegoStudios


With the increasing number of smart phones and internet connectivity, mobile apps are developed in thousands. Mobile app development is a thriving business these days and if you can build good mobile apps with engaging UI and UX then you can do very well for yourself. That being said let us elaborate more on how an ideal Mobile app development process should be.

Idea, strategy and competition

All great apps began as ideas. There will be market gaps which one has to seize. Face book came at a time when there were no exclusive social networks. That is the reason why it became wildly popular. Many can create face book like site now but to exploit the market at the right time when there is no else providing similar service is what is needed. One needs to have an out-of-the-box thinking to come up with such ideas. One should look for competitors of the would-be app and see their performance like their number of downloads ratings and reviews and also company history.

Monetization and marketing

This is an important feature that one has to include in their mobile app development. They can be in the form of in-app purchases, premium features, and subscription payments, selling user data, ad-revenues and traditional paid apps. Deciding on when to monetize the app is also important. Getting started too early in this regard will take the interest of the user with the app.

Marketing your app is essential because there will be some apps which have a similar feature as you do. Therefore good marketing is necessary to ensure the app is reached to many users.

UX design

You need to list the features which you want your app to function like and also how it is displayed effectively. These will help to build the wireframes.

Creating wireframes involves creating screens and assigning each of them with functions and data. This takes place on whiteboards or paper and any change required has to be done in this stage itself. After this stage changes will turn costly.

The path with which you can travel within your app relates to workflows. Take into account each of the things you want your user to perform and see how many clicks are needed to take that action. There shouldn’t be too many clicks required to perform a common task as this will revoke the interest and engagement of the customer.

Mobile app development and deployment

The mobile app logic is built with web technologies like PHP, Ruby, .Net and more. They consist of features like live chat, social features, customer loyalty program elements and payments. A good mobile app is the one which can be developed and deployed independently. Amplifying the features of the app based on the user feedback is a subsequent step. For front end development one can use platform specific native, cross platform native and hybrid app development based on their requirements. In the back end, the technologies used are also the ones which are used to power web based applications. Development should go hand in hand with efficient QA testing or even project manager’s feedback which will help the process to grow efficiently. In order to better understand your customers you should launch a test version of your app which is termed as a minimum viable product. Deployment process involves deploying your web server into a production environment that is highly scalable. Later your app can be deployed to the Apple app store or Google Play store.


Mobile app development is an ongoing process and doesn’t stop after deployment. There should be periodic updates with bug fixes, version upgrades and so on. Good apps have these every now and then. Effective monitoring is the key here. Analytics is also an important aspect of the mobile development. Very crucial information regarding app usage and customer preferences can be determined through this process. This industry is growing and many key players are foraying into the mobile app development.


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