How Managers Can Improve Employee Performance?

By: Naveen


A bad leader can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation. – Anonymous

Managers often act as a prime factor for increasing the performance of their teams. Even an underperforming employee can improve under the supervision of a good manager.

Companies usually adopt millions of methods to improve the performance of their workforces. Here are some ways, managers can utilize to improve the performance of their teams.

Finding out why an employee is underperforming

Nobody is perfect. We all have our capabilities and limitations. Therefore, it is important that a manager doesn’t jump to conclusion regarding the underperformance of an employee. An individual never intends to do a bad job.

There can be multiple reasons for the underperformance of an employee, including proper resources, insufficient training, lack of motivation, etc. There might be outside influences responsible for distracting them from their work. Sometimes, conflict about company’s goals makes an employee underperforming.

Whatever be the reason is; it is a manager’s responsibility to identify it and discuss it with the employee. Performance can be improved only when the exact reason is identified.

Management training programs

A company always struggled to excel its competitors. To create, execute and sustain a competitive advantage greatly depends on the capabilities of management. Many organizations observe large skill gaps in their management teams. Managers must be able to address key management challenges, including, employee retention issues, changing business needs, legal compliance, employee relations issues, etc.

Only an effective manager can get the things done through his/her team members. Management training programs enable managers to increase performance, employee retention, employee relations and employee engagement, helping the organization to increase revenue.

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Encourage communication

The art of communication is the language of leadership. – James Humes

Clearly communicating an underperforming team is challenging. Managers should encourage their team members to communicate the barriers standing in their work so that both can work on it.

Employee performance can be improved only when both manager and the employee where they stand, where they need to be and how will they get there.

In addition, when open communication is established in a team, manager, as well as team members, can communicate everything from deadlines, expectation, progress, and resources.

Thus, it becomes easier to navigate an issue and tackle it within the framework of the team. Open channels of communication bring opportunities to collaborate, encouraging everyone to improve performance.

Creating a positive work environment

Open communication works only when the work environment is conducive. Encourage communication would not make a sense in an environment where employees are intimidated by supervisors, their concerns are dismissed and so on.

Managers should promote a work culture which allows employees to put their opinions forward and their opinions are heard. Providing employees a healthy work environment brings better results.

It helps them to contribute good ideas and work hard for their organization.

Effective training

Without right training, employees cannot work effectively. It is a manager’s duty to ensure that all their team members know what to do and how efficiently it can be done. It makes them able to contribute their ideas and get the things done efficiently.

However, training is not a one-time thing. It should be ongoing and given at regular intervals so that employees can brush up their skills. Ongoing training not only improves employee performance but also increase employee retention.

Besides all the points, mentioned above, managers should keep the work enjoyable. A boring, routine job kills the motivation. Small breaks, engaging talks, fun activities, bonuses, extra vacation time are a few factors which take the engagement of the employee to the next level.


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