Managed WordPress Hosting : Its Features And Advantages

By: Brook Sevelyn

Are you wondering if managed WordPress hosting is right for you? This is the most common question, popping up in the mind of WordPress beginners. While researching, you might come across various providers. Their hosting packages are quite higher when compared to shared hosting. As the popularity of WordPress is reaching the sky, therefore; various hosting providers have chosen to specialize in this sector.

They are currently offering a new WP hosting package, termed as managed hosting. This is mostly a concierge service, where the host manages technical aspects of running a WordPress file. This package comprises of updates, speed, security, website up-time, daily backups and scalability.

Idea behind managed hosting

The primary idea behind using managed hosting is to offer hassle-free experience to the software developers. Therefore, it’s time for you to focus on running business and do, what you are perfect at. The best part of managed hosting package is the premium support, it offers. Real experts with experience mainly provide the support. For some of the customers, managed hosting is more like luxurious services for WordPress developers. You are about to have an army of WP experts, by your side.

Some advantages to work on

Before you invest money in managed hosting, you should know about its advantages first. This hosting package is not for everyone. Therefore, you must take a sneak peek into its advantages to see if you are suitable for its usage.

–  Managed hosting servers are configured for WordPress platform. Therefore, the speed is always on a faster pace. It will help you to procure huge traffic for your website.

– When you are using managed hosting package, you are practically hacker-proof. This package comprises of tight security layers, which will scan for the malware actively and block all sorts of hacking attempts. Therefore, security is of high-scale, over here.

– Unlike any other form of web hosts, the staff over here is highly knowledgeable and supportive. They can advise you in using best plugins, for impacting performance. They can even help you in solving problems faster, and will be by your side for assistance, when required.

Features of managed wordpress hosting

Chalk out the other benefits

The points, mentioned above, are not enough to help you know everything about managed WP hosting. There are some more points, which you must incorporate for detailed information.

–  You will receive daily backup, while working with this hosting package. The software creates backups and help in restoring points, in case you want to revert it anytime.

–  It does not matter how much traffic your site is currently receiving, the website is never going to go down.

–  Avoid wasting time thinking about the updates, as those are done automatically. You can now invest your time for those works, which matter the most.

–  The hosting package helps in developing tools. The tools might vary from one host to another, but you can work on version controls and staging areas of dev tools.

Software and applications

Before you start using managed hosting package, there are some important features associated with software and applications. It starts with powerful controlling panel. Moreover, you have security and proper access control, to save your site from hackers. The advanced form of email hosting is yet another feature to look out. It can help in supporting POP3, SMTP and IMAP. The package has easy web-mail interface and compatible with Thunderbird, Outlook and Windows Mail.

You can furthermore optimize e-commerce platform, using private SSL. With add-on IP, you can support Zencart, osCommerce and more. You even have the liberty to enjoy perfect programming support. So, if you are looking for domain name feature, managed hosting is the ultimate name for you.


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