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Look For These 7 User-Friendly Features in IT Asset Management Software

By: vaishaligopi

You must accept the fact that not all software is easy to use unless it has some user-friendly features. And your task is more complicated if you still have Documented and excel to manage the assets at your office. Complications and errors are not the good signs of any business that is why when you look for Asset management software, you need to look for software that’s user-friendly and it would boost the growth of the company by simplifying the tasks.

The ITAM software is quite trendy among every kind of business these days that adds to its popularity. Similarly, there is various software available in the market that helps in the growth and development which makes the decision tough to select which one to go with. But there are still some features that can help you get into the best investment for the software. There are various features available for the software, but what you need to look for is the user-friendly and the most advanced features which can help the future of your business and also require a smaller number of people to handle the asset management.

Before you browse through the varied options available in the market, you must have a clear knowledge on why you would need an asset management software, how is it going to help your business, why would you shift from the traditional process to an automated one, you must also consider the cost part of it. Be clear with how much you are going to invest, the maintenance cost and calculate the difference amount you’d be saving from your previous method of recording. Moreover, you’d need a user-friendly tool or software that is easy to use and quick to understand.

Simple customization

Got an advanced software, and now are baffled with its functions? This is truly a waste of money and time. Instead of looking for the latest and advanced software, going with one that comes with easy customization is what you need. While getting the software, the data fields are something one needs to work on or enter. All the data entry field must be easy to customize so that you can relate it to the current process at your workplace. So, look for a software that allows you to customize the data fields and also helps in getting your reports collectively for using and sharing the same with other employees with ease.

Quick check-in and check-out facility

The software would keep a record of the assets that are present in the company and it would record when someone uses it or returns it back to the IT team. But what if this process of check-in and check-out is much time-consuming? This might hinder other business transactions or tasks. So, while choosing the right software, look for one that is quick and accurate in the check-in and check-out process even if it includes multi-items. This process also comes with searches done with database based on asset tag, customer, vendor, or employee. This would not only improve the accuracy of your company process but would also reduce the time spent after this process.

Favorable audit timeframe

The auditing options are also something that needs to be considered while selecting an asset management software. The best software is one that would allow you with your own schedules for audit, updates on the audit process, and changes to be made for it. The businesses can also go for a software that helps with an audit in the favorable time frame, as well as allows you to include the missed out or unrecorded assets at your leisure time. This feature also helps in making accurate reports related to the inventory or assets at any time as the software remains updated with the assets, their locations, usage, and every piece of information required.

Think of cloud

What if you need to call the IT guys for installation of the software, updates, and much more? Its surely going to bring you a lot of headaches. Why not go for Cloud-based software that helps you with automated updates and installation related facilities! While selecting Cloud, the chances of computer crashes, program conflicts, etc. get eliminated giving you a continuous service. The software working on Cloud would also help you with quick features that would be introduced by Cloud and would also be updated automatically. Hence, now even if your employees or IT managers are not at work, or having any other issues, your software would be working 24/7 for the users with equal accuracy. It reduces the wastage of time that might have an adverse impact on the business while working with the IT folks.  

Importing facility for spreadsheets

When you get a new software, feeding every previous and current data in the software is actually going to be boring and time-consuming. So, what is the best way to deal with the current and old data regarding the assets? The key to this confusion is looking for a software that provides with import facilities. Such software help in getting all the required data of the assets by importing the spreadsheet the company has maintained to date. By following the import process or steps accurately it is possible to get every minor information stored about the old asset with ease. This means you now don’t have to sit entering every single detail of the asset in the software. It would be done with merely some clicks. Hence, look for a software that supports import facilities from spreadsheets to save your time and efforts.

Support Apps

Why work sitting in one place? Why not work in your own favorable place! It’s not a new concept though! If you are working from home with your office laptop, you can use the asset management software on your mobile to log a complaint or request a repair. So, the IT asset management software you are looking for should be mobile friendly. Look for the software that supports native applications working on Windows, Android, and iOS devices which makes it easy to work offsite. The employees can access the inventory or asset information from anywhere they want, which also makes working in particular fields quick. Also, there are some limitations to using the app, which is also looked after. The employees are allowed to use or modify the data in the app to a certain extent which is carried out with the help of security feature, that holds a control on who would be able to access how much information.  

Tracking multiple quantities

The market is full of software that helps with single quantity tracking. But why not go a step advanced with this feature? Yes, there is some advanced software also, that help with multiple quantity tracking which makes the complicated job easy. The companies can set up each asset with its own unique tag that contains its history which makes tracking multiple quantities at a time quick and comfortable. Looking for a software that would not only help you with multiple quantity tracking but also help in the management of the same is the most preferable one.

The IT asset management tools come with bundles of features to select from. But getting an accurate and appropriate one for the company is much essential. When the features would be user-friendly any employee would be comfortable with using it, leading to the effective use of the software, and then required growth and development too.


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