Linux Reseller Hosting VS Windows Reseller Hosting

By: ekta

Due to the growing technology web hosting industry has made tremendous progress and has changed the dynamics of the websites. There are n numbers of service offered by hosting provider and all have their own special features. But choosing a right hosting provider and plan is not the only thing required to start a business. It is equally primarily important to select the right hosting platform as per your choice. However, there are different types of hosting services available and each has its own functions and features. However, Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting are considered to be the most popular amongst all.

Most of the providers opt for Linux hosting and on the other hand, some opt for Windows hosting. An ultimate aim of every service is to offer uptime which is the most important factor in hosting industry. The only differences that make them unique is an operating system.  If you are utilizing Reseller Windows Hosting Unlimited plan, then you are required to monitor carefully. Generally, selecting a right OS in starting phase is essential to get an idea of the service.

In this article, we are going to talk more about the difference between Linux Reseller and Windows Reseller Hosting.


1) Customization

Customization option is the main difference between these two reseller hosting services. Both the services offer customization, but Linux supports additional features as compared to Windows. If you are a developer and handling sites on behalf of clients, then opt for Linux. Until the user doesn’t demand windows hosting.

2) Usage of application

If you are using reseller hosting services, then you will require some applications to run the service. Different hosting companies offer different features in application installation. Linux supports multiple applications to be installed as compared to Windows and vice versa. It is up to you how much application you need to install on the server. Also, check the compatibility of the apps with the OS while installing.

3) Stability

One of the main purpose why users opt for reseller plans because of stability offered by the service provider. Linux and Windows hosting is most preferred because of stability.However, Linux is the top priority because of its open-sourced nature. It can adapt to any given environment and can be developed or updated every now and then.

Stability is the main feature that makes reseller hosting popular in the market. In Linux or Windows hosting, they are most preferred in terms of stability. However, Linux is given first priority because of its open-sourced nature. It suits well with any given environment and gets updated at any time.

4) Net advantage

Yet another beneficial point that assists unlimited reseller hosting service users. It is utilized to design a web application and perform well on Windows reseller hosting services. It is a universal fact that Windows works well with.Net web application as compared to Linux.

5) Cost-effectiveness

If you decide to opt for reseller hosting services, then both Windows and Linux reseller hosting is an ultimate option to start. They are affordable in terms of money or investment for a longer period of time. However, Windows is costly as compared to Linux due to the included cost of the operating system and additional features.

6) Easy set up

It is true that not every person has technical knowledge, therefore it is essential to opt for the applications who offer easy set up without any acquiring the technical knowledge. Generally, configuring the operating system in your server is a censorious task. Windows set up is easy as compared to Linux. A set up of windows hosting takes a few minutes, whereas Linux takes an hour.

7) Security

Security is given first priority due to heavy competition. Being a reseller provider, it is your responsibility to get total security for both the data and applications.  Every reseller provider commits to offer a better security. In Linux, you will get advanced security because of open source nature.

If you decide to opt for both, then Linux reseller hosting is given top priority because of licensing fee in nature. Being an open source, it offers many benefits to the reseller as it is free to download. Other languages like My-SQL, Perl and PHP perform well on Linux as compared to Windows hosting. It has the capacity to manage databases smoothly along with security. Whereas Windows platform is known as ASP script and .NET functioning. If you incorporate the Microsoft tool then you are liable to use Windows platform. However, MS SQL databases, access databases and more are the particular tools that are available for Windows.  Both Linux and Windows have their own speciality and I hope this article will help to select the best as per your requirement because you deserve best.


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